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Indiana State Logos

Everybody at Indiana State University is on the same team. In order to heighten the university’s visibility across channels, create brand unity, and ensure consistent messaging — Indiana State University should be at the top of internal or external statement. Nothing should take priority over the ISU name or mark; specific departments or campaigns can be listed as secondary mentions.

Indiana State Horizontal Logo

Indiana State Stacked Logo


The hierarchy of logos for the Indiana State colleges requires that the Indiana State University wordmark lives at the top of any additional college logo, without exception. Specific college mentions are listed directly below the university title, in Roboto Bold font.

Groups & Programs Identifiers

Only top-level colleges qualify for an official co-brand.

These areas do NOT qualify for a co-brand:

  • Specific programs/majors
  • Administrative departments
  • Groups and clubs
  • Support services that live within a college/unit (these entities should use their college/department co-brand)

Social Media Logos

Specific logos have been created to fit profile dimensions and that will appear clearly across digital mediums. These logos can be accessed via the Social Media Guidelines page.

Additional information about specific and creative logo usage can be found on the ISU Brand Guideline document.

Additional Marks

Only the advancement departments that own these particular logos may use them, and only for promotional campaign purposes.

Indiana State Athletic Logo ATHLETICS

The athletics brand is only for use with athletics marketing initiatives.

Indiana State Sycamore Sam Logo SYCAMORE SAM

Sam can be used by any university marketing efforts but should be prioritized for spirit events and community/outreach initiatives.

Indiana State Seal UNIVERSITY SEAL

The seal may only be used for President’s Society, the Office of the President, and the Board of Trustees. The seal is used for invitations, note cards, etc.

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