Student%20Media%20fin%20small.jpgWelcome to the College of Arts and Sciences’
Student Media Department

Our students engage in wide range of media-production activities. From your first days on campus until your last, you can be involved in creating works for the student body, the campus and the community. Along the way, you can get hands-on experience producing materials for a variety of media outlets, including a newspaper, yearbook, cable television channel, two radio stations, sports video network, websites and a commercial video production unit.

Student Media is the umbrella organization for the operating units responsible for creating and distributing Student Media products, and it coordinates collaboration and convergence among the individual media outlets. Our staff is here to help you make the most of your experience at Indiana State University.

Student Media is open to any major, and any class rank. About half of our participants are Communication majors, but others are spread from across campus.

We’re proud of our students and the work that they do. And our students are successful. In 2017-18, our students won three-place awards from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System and we were a finalist for eight others. We received two first-place awards and four second- or third-place awards from the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters. We received a total of 24 awards from the Indiana Collegiate Press Association. On campus, our students received the organization leader of the year award, as well as an award for best employee team. Officially, the university has designated Student Media as one of six programs of distinction at ISU.

We’re glad you are checking out our webpages. We’re based in Dreiser Hall, and we would be delighted to see you come by. Otherwise, you can use the contact information on this page.

Philip Glende, Ph.D.
Executive Director