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Faculty Resources

Petition for Exemption to Degree Requirement

To be submitted by an academic advisor on behalf of a student seeking an exception to a degree requirement. The form can be accessed on the "College of Arts and Sciences Quick Links" channel of the MyISU portal.

 AY 23-24 Calendar of Key Events for CAS Dept Chairpersons Final

FERPA—Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act

University Handbook

Sabbatical Guidelines - August 2011

Teaching and Learning

Educational Affiliate Faculty Renewal

CAS Excellence in Education Awards Descriptions 1.8.17

American Council on Education (ACE)

Higher Education Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs)

Targeted Announcement Request
Contact a class or a cohort of students; must be submitted by chairperson.

Foundational Studies 2010 Program Requirements (03 .02.10)

Statement Regarding Teaching Workload