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University Art Galleries



New Exhibition Opening August 23

The UAG is pleased to be showcasing artwork by the distinguished alumni of ISU. This exhibition will be open through October 2. Join us Homecoming Weekend for a reception breakfast: October 1, 9:30am - 11:30am.




Welcome to the University Art Galleries!

In support of its mission to provide an enriched understanding and appreciation for the visual arts, the UAG works with the Department of Art & Design, the Library Special Collections: Permanent Art Collection, the Community School for the Arts, and other University departments to offer a variety of educational and cultural programs. Through its programming, the UAG seeks to engage with local and regional communities in an effort to expand awareness of and accessibility to the arts and promote an understanding of the importance of the arts in culture.

Annually, the UAG is host to curated exhibitions of regional and national significance, ISU undergraduate and graduate student thesis work, and exhibitions culled from the permanent collections of the university.