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My classes were led by passionate instructors who worked closely with students in the classroom and used lab time to prepare us for work as independent chemists by using advanced techniques and instrumentation to examine real-world applications. More than just coursework, the faculty and staff instilled an adaptability that has allowed me to quickly learn and adjust post-graduation as I’ve moved on to work in a highly specialized research group as part of a graduate program.
M.W., class of 2022, B.S. in Chemistry, Minor in Physics


The research opportunities and instrumentation experience, along with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills I developed while at ISU were paramount in setting me apart from other job applicants and colleagues.  The experience I gained with FAAS, HPLC, and GC qualified me for my first two jobs, allowing me to gain more experience to qualify for more advanced positions.  My undergraduate research allowed me to excel in a more self-directed environment which prepared me for independent projects in the workplace.  Presenting my research at symposiums allowed me to develop my technical writing skills and made me a confident public speaker.  Other opportunities, such as being a Laboratory Teaching Assistant, gave me the tools needed to explain complex topics to my interns.  My professors genuinely cared whether I succeeded in my career after graduation. 
A.L., class of 2008, B.S. in Chemistry


The most important hands-on experience I had at ISU was the exposure to computational tools and their application in chemistry.  The foundation of computation has helped me significantly and was a step forward towards making progress in graduate school. The research experience during the SURE program was one of the most helpful experiences I had because it gave me an idea of the research environment that I am exposed to in graduate school. The tremendous help that I received from [my faculty mentor] during SURE and even during regular semesters put a significant impact on me as of today on the way I approach solving problems in research. 
A.A., class of 2020, B.S. in Physics, B.S. in Chemistry


The faculty members in ISU’s Chemistry department are present. Their office doors were always open and inviting to students. They are giving of their time and wisdom. I spent countless hours having chemistry discussions with faculty that helped me better understand and retain classroom material. I also got hands-on help from my faculty research advisor inside the lab, who taught me many of the synthetic organic chemistry techniques that I still use today in my current position at Eli Lilly.  Many of the activities and organizations that I got involved in as an undergraduate, such as research, teaching, American Chemical Society, and Timmy Global Health, were led and encouraged by Chemistry faculty.
C.N., class of 2020, B.S. in Chemistry


I would not be a chemist today if it was not for my experience in the Chemistry department at ISU. The incredible professors that I worked with during the SURE program, my senior research project, and advanced chemistry courses fostered my love for the scientific method and technology required to work in the field. I learned how to carry out experimental methods, operate advanced instrumentation, and help write research papers, which are all skills that I have used professionally since graduating.
E.S., class of 2011, B.S. in Chemistry


The technical and analytical skills gained by hands-on use of modern chemical instruments helped me understand the theory I learned in the classroom. As a clinical scientist, my previous work in the lab both at ISU and in graduate school helped me develop critical thinking skills sets which are important in drug development.
W.J., class of 2009, B.S. in Chemistry


After I graduated and started working as an Analytical Chemist, my greatest benefit was the experience that I gained during the SURE Program. The greatest skill that the SURE program teaches is how to adapt and solve real-world problems. Assisting faculty with their research and seeing the entire research process is the best opportunity for undergraduates to experience what it means to work in STEM. Those experiences confirmed that a career in STEM was the right choice for me.
J.P., class of 2021, B.S. in Chemistry


The program was well-structured and offered various resources, including hands-on use of instruments, research opportunities, and active interactions with professors. The summer research program (SURE) became a turning point in my career development. The immense support and guidance from faculty enabled me to grow my scientific knowledge and apply this to research, which ultimately gave me the confidence to conduct an independent project. These valuable experiences led me to pursue a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry and ultimately find employment in the pharmaceutical industry.
S.L., class of 2014, B.S. in Chemistry


The ISU Chemistry program was critical in helping me achieve my current position as a Clinical Scientist at a pharmaceutical company. It was there that I found my love of science and learned how to think critically as a scientist. The faculty were extremely encouraging and exposed me to the health sciences. I am a grateful for the mentorship, education, and friendships I developed in my time as an undergrad.
W.J., class of 2009, B.S. in Chemistry


During my time at ISU, I spent two summers in the SURE program conducting chemistry research.  I received one-on-one help from my faculty mentor inside the lab, who taught me many of the synthetic organic chemistry techniques that I still use today in my current position at Eli Lilly.  The unique opportunity of having open access to an NMR instrument allowed me to gain analysis and troubleshooting skills that are valuable to me in my current position. In addition to the skills I gained in the laboratory, being in the program also pushed me to become more comfortable presenting chemistry to an audience as well as reading scientific literature.
C.N., class of 2020, B.S. in Chemistry


The summer undergraduate research experience (SURE) was transformative for me and set me on my path to be a scientist. I greatly enjoyed diving deep on a specific scientific concept, and the one-on-one discussions around developing a scientific question and testable hypothesis set a spark of scientific curiosity in me that I still have strong to this day. 
W.J., class of 2009, B.S. in Chemistry

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