Big Data 4 ISU

BD4ISU is an NIH-funded development program being run at Indiana State University from 2017-2021.  This page contains some basic information about the project, and will be updated soon with more details.

Project Overview

  • A Four-Year Research Project Funded by NIH-NIMHD
  • Three Specific Aims
    • To recruit and prepare underrepresented students for research careers in Biomedical Big Data Science
    • To offer hands-on research experience on biomedical big data manipulation for underrepresented students
    • To enhance and expand big data knowledge to faculty/staff
  • The ultimate goal of BD4ISU program is to build a path of underrepresented students into graduate studies and career settlement in the biomedical research field

Project Timeline

  • 10-week workshops / research program for participating students in the summer of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • 10-week summer research at The Ohio State University in the summer of 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Academic-year paid research experience throughout the program
  • Specialized curriculum to prepare students for the summer experiences and research

Participation and Selection

  • Many parts of the program will be available to all interested students
  • Small cohorts of 5 students per year will receive more targeted mentoring and be paid during the academic year and summer
  • Cohort selection criteria will include - GPA, research interest, recommendation letters, diversity criteria (from an underrepresented group)


  • First cohort is selected from current ISU students during the fall of 2017. Second cohort will be selected from incoming first-year students who will start in fall 2018.
    Applicants for the first cohort should submit their application before Nov 10, 2017 as follows.
  • Write to with the subject line "APPLY for bd4isu" with the following in your email - (1) names and contact information for up to 3 references (at least one from ISU), (2) statement of your interests in the project and career goals.

More Information