History Faculty 2019/2020

Welcome to the Department of History at Indiana State University

History is the study of change over time in human societies.  It offers a path to knowledge that engages in a creative and critical exploration of the past in order to illuminate the patterns, complexities, and contingencies that shape the human experience.  Our faculty teach stimulating courses on diverse topics and regions, offering students the opportunity to master the ability to think and read critically, develop informed arguments on complex issues, and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.  In addition to the History major and minor, we offer programs in African and African American Studies, Social Science Education, a Public and Applied History Concentration, and a Master’s degree available both online and on campus.
Our alumni work in a wide range of fields, including law, education, business, government, and beyond.  You will find some of their stories featured here on our website.  Additionally, several alumni serve as mentors, and are excited to share career insights and advice with current students.
We invite you to explore our website, contact our faculty, take some classes, and consider the many benefits of pursuing a degree in History.