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Department of History

Meet Our Faculty

Studying History at Indiana State University

History is the study of change over time in human societies.   Our students master critical academic skills like the ability to think and read critically, develop informed arguments on complex issues, and communicate effectively both orally and in writing.  History is also an exploration of our past, exposing students to the great diversity of the human experience and challenging them to consider the forces that have shaped the world we live in today.  Our faculty has expertise in a wide range of human history.  We offer courses in United States, Latin American, European, Russian, African, Middle East, and World History, with topical focuses on issues like social and cultural history, labor movements, environmental history, race, and gender studies. As scholars, the History faculty are engaged in the creation of new knowledge and many have gained national recognition through their activities in research and publishing. We are also engaged locally with the wider University community, the city of Terre Haute, and the state of Indiana with sustained support for service and outreach efforts. 

ISU History Faculty 2016

What Career Opportunities are Available in History?

History is a highly regarded discipline among leaders in the public and private sectors for preparing students for analytical and interpretive work in a wide variety of careers.  Equally important, a History education enriches students’ lives by imparting in them an appreciation for the great richness and diversity of the global world we live in today. You may wonder how writing papers about ancient Egypt can help you get a job in today's high-tech world. The fact is that many large corporations actually prefer to hire history and other liberal arts graduates for management positions. Why? Because liberal arts majors learn intellectual and communication skills that will serve them throughout their careers.  The history major gives you a sound background for careers as varied as law, journalism, business, teaching, government service, writing, librarianship, publishing, historical research, public history, or museum work.

Students in HIST 409/509 with Prof. Stofferahn

What Options are Offered by the History Department?

Besides the history major, we offer a public and applied history concentration, a history minor, and a history writing minor. We also actively cooperate with other departments in offering cross listed courses in African and African American studies, humanities, political science, woman's studies and Latin American/Latino studies.

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