Alumni Mentor
Criminology & Criminal Justice

Candice KendallCandace Kendall
Deputy Coroner, Marion County, IN

Candace graduated from Indiana State University in Spring 2016. She was a Criminology and Criminal Justice major with a minor in Multidisciplinary Studies which included the following concentrations: chemistry, biology and anthropology. Candace was employed with the Lake County Coroner’s Office in Crown Point, Indiana. This employment began during her internship search with Indiana State in Fall Semester 2015. She was offered a position after her internship hours were completed.

Once her academic career ended, Candace accepted a full time employment position with the Marion County Coroner’s Office in Indianapolis. One week after graduation, she moved to Indianapolis to begin her career as a medicolegal death investigator. She is still employed with the Lake County Coroner’s Office as a part-time deputy coroner.

Cumulatively, she has been in forensic death investigations for approximately two years. The internship program with Indiana State University opened up the doors to begin her career as a deputy coroner.