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The College of Arts and Sciences

Distinguished Professor and Education Excellence Awards

The history of the College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor Award stretches back to the mid-1980s. From 1987 until 2012, a Distinguished Professor Award was given out to leading members of the College of Arts and Sciences faculty. In 2012 the criteria was revised and the Education Excellence Award was created to recognize a wider range of contributions to the College.  There are two awards given annually; one for Tenure-track faculty and one for Non-Tenure Track faculty.  The award is given on a rotating basis in the following areas:  Teaching, Research/Creativity, and Service.

Education Excellence Award.  In 2017, the award for Non-Tenure track faculty was revised to include the single area of Teaching.  

The recipients of the Education Excellence Award to date are:

2021:  Kris Schwab, Biology, Tenure-Track for Teaching
2021:  Miriam (Maia) Mattsey, English, Non-Tenure Track for Teaching
2020:  Amanda Lubold, Multidisciplinary Studies, Tenure-Track for Service
2020:  Katrina Babb, Economics, Non-Tenure Track for Teaching
2019:  Brian Schaefer, Criminology and Security Studies, for Research and Creativity
2019:  No recipient for Non-Tenure Track
2018:  Marilyn Bisch, Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, Non-Tenure Track for Teaching
2018:  Ryan Van Hoveln, Chemistry for Teaching
2018:  Amy Ash, English, for Teaching
2017:  Amila Jeewandara, Chemistry, Non-Tenure Track for Service
2017:  Raymond Dolle, English, for Service
2016:  Crystal Reynolds, History, Non-Tenure Track for Research/Creativity
2016:  Joy O’Keefe, Biology, for Research/Creativity
2015:  Jeff Carr, English, Non-Tenure Track for Teaching
2015:  Caitlin Brez, Psychology, for Teaching
2014:  Ruth Fairbanks, Multidisciplinary Studies, Non-Tenure Track for Service
2014:  Richard Lotspeich, Economics, for Service
2013:  Thomas Welker, English, Non-Tenure Track for Research/Creativity
2013:  Swapan Ghosh, Biology, for Research/Creativity
2012:  Kathleen Dannelly, Biology, for Teaching

Distinguished Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences. The recipients of the earlier version of the award were as follows:

Arthur M. Halpern, Department of Chemistry (2007)
Steven Lima, Department of Ecology and Organismal Biology (2006)
Aimin Chen, Department of Economics (2005)
H. Michael Erisman, Department of Political Science (2003)
Douglas Herrmann, Department of Psychology (2002)
James Chesebro, Department of Communication (2001)
William Dando, Department of Geography, Geology and Anthropology (2000)
Marion Jackson, Department of Life Sciences (1999)
Edward Spann, Department of History (1998)
James Schellenberg, Department of Sociology (1997)
John Oliver, Department of Geography, Geology and Anthropology (1996)
John Williams, Department of History (1995)
John Whitaker, Department of Life Sciences (1994)
Bob Bozarth, Department of Life Sciences (1993)
Rob Perrin, Department of English (1992)
Gary Stewart, Department of Theater (1991)
Donald Dusanic, Department of Life Sciences (1990)
Sheron Dailey, Department of Communication (1989)
George Bakken, Department of Life Sciences (1988)
Gale Christianson, Department of History (1987)

The Distinguished Professor Award was on hiatus from 2008-2012.