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Earth and Environmental Systems

Ellen Price

BS, Geology
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Ellen PriceEllen Price. P.G. received her undergraduate degree in Geology from Indiana State University and her Master’s degree in Geology from the University of Georgia where she studied benthic foraminifera and their response to common coastal heavy metal pollutants and their potential use as bio-indicators for coastal environments. After completing her education she worked for the EPA in the Office of Research and Development focusing on the fate and transport of pathogens in surface water runoff into streams, lakes and coastal environments. Following the EPA Ellen moved to Florida and began work in consulting where she focused on mine reclamation, permitting and sinkhole investigations. Following consulting she moved into the mining industry with the Peabody Coal Company where she managed permitting and environmental compliance in the Illinois basin and the southwestern US (New Mexico and Arizona). Currently Ellen works as the Senior Environmental Engineer for Martin Marietta Materials in Georgia where she manages environmental and permit compliance for 16 quarry operations and serves as the division geologist for the southeaster US including South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee operations.