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Member Costs

Each Sycamore Color Guard member is required to have:

  • Black, Split Sole Dance Shoes ($31.50) 
  • Body Tights ($17.50) [OPTIONAL]
  • Nude Fingerless Gloves ($12.50) [OPTIONAL]
  • Blue Earrings ($6.00) [available in clip ons]
  • Warm-up Jacket ($25.00)
  • Make-Up ($25.00-35.00)* (see below)​
  • Solid black socks, mid-calf length, for game days [purchase on your own]

You can order these items through the Sycamore Bands at band camp registration. Cash or checks will be accepted; checks can be made out to: Indiana State University Marching Sycamores, or ISUMS.

*Please bring a make-up budget of $25 - $35 dollars to band camp with you. The guard will be visiting ULTA to purchase needed performance supplies. 

MEMBER COSTS - Winds & Percussion
Each wind and percussion member is required to have:

  • Black Marching Shoes ($35-45, you may bring your own from HS, as long as they are full black)
  • White Gloves [two pairs, wind players and cymbals only] - ($10.00)
  • Flip Folder ($4.00 for used flip folders, or you may purchase your own)
  • Music Lyre (all wind players* except sousaphones)
  • Marching Sycamores Jacket ($60.00) [OPTIONAL, see below]​

​Show your Marching Sycamores Pride, and stay warm at the same time! Orders will be taken during band camp. Cost will be between $60-$70, for both front personalization and back design. Jackets must be paid for in full at the time of order, so come to camp prepared if you wish to order a jacket! 

*Piccolo lyres/flip folders are different than the standard lyre/flip folder. If you purchase these on your own, make sure you are getting the right kind (they can be found on for ~$11.00)