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Doctoral recipients since 1968.
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Graduation Year Name Current Affiliation
2016 Yitong Jiang  
2015 Jeremy Bennett Instructor, Indiana State University
2015 Ashley Burkett Faculty, Lock Haven University
2015 Joey Pettit  
2014 Reuben Allen Instructor, Ball State
2013 Charles (Chuck) Yeager Faculty, Missouri Southern State
2011 Diana Dickey Faculty, Vincennes University
2011 Umamaheshwaren (Mahesh) Rajasekar Taru Leading Edge (TRIN)
2011 Todd Sink Faculty, Concord University
2011 Cyril Wilson Faculty, Univ. of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
2010 Bharath Ganesh Babu Faculty, Valparaiso University
2010 Vijay Lulla Faculty, IUPUI
2010 Xuefei Hu Emory University
2009 Ahmad Bin Touq  
2009 Chris Gentry Faculty, Austin Peay State University
2009 BingQing (QQ) Liang Faculty, University of Northern Iowa
2009 Rajiv Thakur Faculty, Missouri State University
2008 Anna Carson  
2008 Jospeh Koroma  
2008 Guiying Li  
2008 Xiaofang Wei  
2007 Dan Johnson Assoc. Prof. IUPUI,
2007 Hua Liu  
2006 Ping Jiang  
2006 Mike Rudibaugh  
2004 Genong Yu  
2003 Ahmad Al-Mass  
2003 Mark Green  
2003 Qin Li  
2003 John Menzies  
2002 Nelson Dias  
2001 Khalid Al-Rehali Al-Harbi  
2001 Dengsheng Lu  
2001 Xiangheng Yang  
2000 Royal Berglee  
2000 Brian Crawford   
2000 Qian Liu  
2000 Merlin Meyer   
2000 Robert Simpson   
1999 Yu Jiang  
1999 Michael Jurmu  
1999 Mary Snow  
1999 Richard Snow   
1998 Cynthia Berlin   
1998 Jose Lopez  
1998 Jeffrey Wilson  
1997 Paul Sando   
1997 Dion Wiseman  
1996 You Wu   
1995 Chengye Mao   
1994 Yuk Yan   
1993 Mohammed Al-Mulhim   
1993 Godfrey Kalaluka   
1993 Randall Pearson   
1991 Jae Lee   
1991 Dennis Skelton   
1990 Stephen Degoosh   
1990 Mark Karaska   
1990 Kevin Turcotte  
1988 John Hammen  
1988 Ronald Skitch  
1987 Gary Cwick   
1987 Richard Faflak   
1986 Razia Babar   
1986 Richard Hyde