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Thanks to a generous bequest from Joseph S. Schick, Professor Emeritus of English at Indiana State University, the Department of English is able to host the Joseph S. Schick Lectures in Language, Literature, and Lexicography. According to the conditions of Professor Schick's will, "Eminent scholars . . . will be invited to present lectures on the literature, language and lexicography of the United States . . . and Great Britain. The topics of the lectures will be limited to the period before 1900."

Multi-Purpose Joseph S. Schick Reception Room

The Joseph S. Schick Reception Room (Root Hall A269–A270) serves as a reception area after the Schick Lectures, as the location of the Department’s holiday party, and as a place to gather after the Pfennig Scholars Award Ceremony. Please join us at any of the Schick Lectures and enjoy the comfort the reception room affords.

An Overview

Beginning in 1988, the Department has hosted from four to eight Schick Lecturers a year. Scholars from around the United States—and from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales—have presented formal lectures related to periods before 1900. As part of their visits, these scholars have also presented informal talks on contemporary topics, read from their works, and visited literature classes and writers' workshops.

The Schick Library

To enhance the Schick Lectures, the Department purchases copies of all in-print books authored or edited by Schick Lecturers. After they are signed, they are placed in the Department's collection, which currently includes over 1,200 volumes. The collection, which is housed in glass-fronted bookcases that line the lecture room, is available for research and reading by faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

Schick Lecturers

The following text is excerpted from Ronald L. Baker's forthcoming book: An Ideal and Satisfying Life: Joseph S. Schick (1910–1987):

The first Schick Lecture, “Words Crisscrossing the Sea: How Words Have Been Borrowed Between England and America,” was presented by Allen Walker Read (1906–2002) on December 6, 1988.  It was fitting that Read should be the first Schick Lecturer because Schick and Read had been fellow graduate students at the University of Chicago in the early 1930s and remained good friends for over fifty years. William Labov, whom Read introduced to linguistics in Labov’s first year of graduate studies at Columbia University, was a Schick Lecturer in November 2003, and at a reception following his address, I told Labov that I had what Read called a “pencil-script” of his lecture and wondered if it might be published, as Read had given publication rights to Indiana State University. Thanks to Labov’s efforts, Read’s lecture was published in American Speech (Read 2005). Read began his Schick Lecture with the following remarks:

TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA, DECEMBER 6, 1988. I have been deeply honored by the invitation to be the first speaker for the Joseph S. Schick Lectures on Literature, Language, and Lexicography here at Indiana State University. It is a great pleasure to come to Terre Haute and to visit my many friends here. 

Also I am honored by the association with my dear old friend Joseph S. Schick. We were fellow graduate students at the University of Chicago, from 1932 on, with rooms in the same dormitory on the campus.  We shared many of the same teachers, such as John Matthews Manly, James Root Hulbert, Sir William Craigie, Ronald Crane, and Napier Wilt. I followed closely the writing of his dissertation, and he accorded me a very pleasant footnote. We kept in contact for more than five decades, with many interests in common, and I can well understand how he was much loved on this campus.

Because of his love for the English language, I feel sure that Professor Schick would have enjoyed the topic I have chosen to speak on this afternoon. I will deal with the passage of words back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean. This implies the existence of a community of speakers that can be called the “English-speaking-world.” That phrase has a sonorous ring to it. It marks one of the wide fellowships among human beings—a far-flung speech community that draws together broad human interests. It challenges us to take a wide perspective (Read 2005:ll6).

Copies of the book are available through the Department of English.



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