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TOTAL Program

What is TOTAL? The opportunity for an intensive internship semester prior to student teaching. This program allows an intern the experience of working with a coaching teacher in one classroom for the entire semester.  This “immersion” in a school and classroom provides the intern a glimpse into the “bell to bell” world of school.

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The Teachers of Tomorrow Advancing Learning Program affords strong academic preparation and continuous immersion in school cultures through working with children in educational and community settings. Teacher candidates graduate with a thorough understanding of best practices in education through early field experiences, an internship semester, and student teaching.

The student who desires to be an elementary teacher must remain in good standing in the Teacher Education Program and complete the program outlined below which satisfies requirements for the bachelor of science degree or the bachelor of arts degree, provided the foreign language requirement is fulfilled. Satisfactory completion of the program also makes the individual eligible for the Standard Instructional License in the state of Indiana provided that the individual satisfies the test requirements. Upon completion of this degree, the holder can be licensed in the elementary, primary, and intermediate school setting.

Due Dates:

Spring application due September 1st of previous year.

Fall application due February 1st of same year.

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