Division of University Advancement

  • Erik Dalton

    “I’m delighted to be financing an ongoing educational scholarship for students who excel in the program taught by Charlie Peebles, and I hope that my estate gift will continue to bring prominence to the university and its wonderful staff.”Erik Dalton

  • Jennifer J. Piker

    "It was an incredible achievement for [Jennifer] to stay focused pursuing her degree for nine years while working full time, studying and all the other demands on her time. She received support from many people and now this scholarship will help students facing the challenges she did."David Piker

  • Paul and Nancy Edgerton

    "I want very much to encourage people to finish, and this [Bridge the Gap scholarship] perhaps provides a way for that to happen. I hope to help students be successful. I hope the gift will help students reach their dreams and have new dreams."Paul and Nancy Edgerton

  • Rich and Robin Porter

    "Nursing is a unique profession combining science and technology with compassion and sensitivity. Save one life, you’re a hero; save 100 lives and you’re a nurse."Rich and Robin Porter



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