Instructional and Information Technology Services

We strive to further improve learning and performance in many diverse and changing formats.  IITS believes that technological, instructional, and assessment tools and techniques should be utilized in such a way that they support the effective and efficient transfer of information.  Our office continually strives to achieve the utmost in efficiency with regard to education and will perpetually bring the innovations of theory into practice throughout the Bayh College of Education. 

IITS provides the vision and leadership to propel the faculty within the Bayh College of Education to a high quality of educational excellence that has been our tradition for many years.  Our ability to gather, expand upon, and disseminate bleeding edge strategies within the realm of education is a unique tool that is found within the Bayh College of Education.  We welcome you to our site and to our school.

IITS is also home to several of the BCOEs unique rooms and areas.  The Instructional Resource Center is located in room 008K and can help students, staff, and faculty with their projects.  The Quiet Room 008I is one of the best places for those times when people need to relax.  The Reck Library 008K is a comfortable studying area with room for small groups, it can also be used for distance meetings with a large screen TV and Skype for Business set up.  The computer lab 008O has room for 18 students and 1 faculty member.  It has brand new computers and monitors to help everyone.  The lab has speciality software that includes SPSS, Adobe CS Suite, SALT, Microsoft Office 2016, and many other programs.  The Laptop Lounge 008P has 6 comfortable chairs with rest areas for laptops.  It is also home to a secure charging station for mobile devices.  The secure station has codes that students can pick so only they can unlock the door.  There are 2 micro teaching labs for students to practice teaching in a realistic environment depending on their specialization areas (elementary/early childhood or middle/secondary education).  Together these rooms make the Garden Level of University Hall a unique and rewarding area for students in the BCOE.

Livestreaming Service Request

Please note that Livestreaming Services must be requested at least 48 hours in advance. Thank you!