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M.S. recipients since 1963.
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Graduation Year Name Current Affiliation or Location
2016 Sabrina Brown PhD Student University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2016 Ryan Kuhn  
2016 Rose Newton  
2016 Elliott Rouillard SanAir Technologies Laboratory, Inc.
2015 Jase Hixson PhD Student Indiana University
2015 Rebecca Taormina PhD Student Baylor University
2015 Natasha (Nicole) Terrell Fields Environmental, Inc.
2015 Ryan Venturelli PhD Student Univ. of South Florida
2014 Nick Flinner PhD Student Univ. of Wisconsin Milwaukee
2014 Heather Foxx Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management
2014 Zack Ishman T-Kartor Group
2014 Jake Willingham Wilcox Environmental Engineering, Inc.
2013 Scott Frystak  
2013 Dustin Stargel Weatherford Intl.
2013 Ron Taylor M.S. Criminology Student ISU
2012 Michael (Ross) Alexander PhD. Student University of Arizona
2012 Kristen De Graauw PhD. Student West Virginia University
2012 Kathryn De Rego PhD. Student Univ. of British Columbia
2012 Tiffany Grossman ISU Nursing Student
2011 Ashley Burkett Lock Haven Univeristy
2011 Windy McBride  
2010 Jessica Adamic Murphy Lecturer, Indiana State University
2010 Angie Ellis  
2008 Aaron Aldred