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Departmental Review Guidelines

  Promotion & Tenure Guidelines Faculty Performance Review Senior Instructor Biennial Review Guidelines


College Wide Guidelines CAS Retention Promo and Tenure Guidelines 11.8.17 CAS Faculty Performance Evaluation Criteria Approved 4.14.21 CAS Eval Criteria for Instructors Approved 12.7.16 CAS FC College-level Procedure for Biennial Faculty Performance Evaluations Revised September 2018 CAS Bylaws 11.14.18.
ART ART P&T and Biennial Confirmed 9.29.17   ART Senior Instructor text 9.13.16 See Art P&T Guidelines  Art Bylaws12-2012
BIOLOGY Biology P and T
March 2018
See CAS Guidelines BIO Senior Instructors 3.1.18 Biology Biennial Evaluation Criteria 8.24.15 Biology Bylaws _Jan 2024
CHEMISTRY & PHYSICS See Article 6, page 8 of Bylaws See Article 7, page 12 of Bylaws See Page 11 of Bylaws See Article 7, page 12 of Bylaws Bylaws approved
COMMUNICATION COMM annual review Criteria and Performance Standards 2.27.18 COMM Triennial-Approved -2-21-22 See Page 3 Review Criteria COMM Biennial Review Guidelines adopted 9.14.16  By Laws for the Department of Communication amended August 2019
Computer Science   See CAS Guidelines      


CCJ Triennial Review Policy-4.28.21 See CCJ P&T Policy 2.23.18 CCJ Biennial Review Policy-10.1.18  
EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS EES P&T Revised 6.2.18 EES Performance Review Standards 4.1.21 Final See CAS Guidelines

 EES biennial review guidelines 5.2.18

EES ByLaws Approved 4.17.13
ECONOMICS Economics personnel procedures -Accepted 050321   See Page 5 of Personnel Procedures Economics personnel procedures -biennial review Aug 2019 - July 2021  
ENGLISH English Policies and Procedures 02.03.20 Triennial Review Process approved April 5 2021 See Page 27 of Policies & Procedures See pages 29-31 of Policies & Procedures See Page 4 of Policies & Procedures

The current faculty have the choice between 2010 and 2018 when they go up for promotion.

History PRT Guidelines (2010)

History PRT Guidelines (2018)

History Department Triennial Review (FPE) Guidelines (Approved 12 May 2021) See CAS Guidelines HIST Biennial 9.21.17  History By-Laws (2021)
LANGUAGES, LITERATURE & LINGUISTICS LLL Promotion and Tenure Guidelines.approved .2.7.18  LLL Faculty Performance Evaluation approved
LLL Senior Instructor Review Updated 9.21.16.pdf Biennial review process LLL approved 9-24-2018 LLL Bylaws 4.27.11

MACS Promotion to Associate Professor and Tenure 2.28.18

MACS Promotion to Professor 2.28.18

Annual-Triennial Faculty Review Mathematical Sciences 4.9.21 MACS Promotion to Senior Instructor 2.28.18  Biennial Review Criteria MACS 10.19.18   Bylaws MACS approved 10.25.18
MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDIES Multidisciplinary Studies P&T final
2 22 18
MST Triennial Review Standards.21 April 2021 See CAS Guidelines BR Standards for Multidisciplinary Studies  Bylaws Multidisciplinary Studies 6.4.15
SCHOOL OF MUSIC School of Music, Criteria for Tenure and Promotion 2.28.18 School of Music - Faculty Performance Evaluation Criteria; revised Spring 2021 SoM Instructor Evaluation Confirmed 9.28.17 Music Biennial Review Criteria spring 2018  
POLITICAL SCIENCE Political Science Promotion and Tenure 2.27.18 PolSci Annual - Triennial Review Dept. See Page 2 of the Promotion and Tenure document PSCI BR revisions October 10 2018  
PSYCHOLOGY Psychology Personnel Policy approved 2.23.18 Psychology Triennial Review Policy 2021 See Page 10 of the PSYC P&T Guidelines See Page 15 of the PSYC P&T Guidelines  Psych ByLaws_2016 (Amended 2019)
THEATER Theater Guidelines for Evaluating Faculty Approved 5.3.18 See CAS Guidelines See CAS Guidelines Theater Biennial review criteria 2018