Crime & Intelligence

You’re a protector. An investigator. A leader. You’re ready to do what it takes.

Sycamores learn how to guard our nation, organizations, and citizens with award-winning programs in criminology and criminal justice.

New majors in Cybercriminology and Security Studies and Intelligence Analysis prep future crime-stoppers like you for new challenges in crime — and in-demand careers. Learn to build firewalls that shield the cloud from blackhat hackers. Protect vulnerable physical facilities from intruders. Or crunch big data to discover the best strategies to stop and solve crime.

It all starts with our hands-on approach. Unique courses challenge you to make a real-world impact, like discovering meaningful insights from real crime data or helping attorneys overturn wrongful convictions. Immersive experiences like the Crime Lab engage you with the latest tools and techniques. Plus, career-prepping internships can help you land your first job.

  • michaela

    Michaela’s summer internship with the Naperville Police Department led to a full-time job prior to graduation.Michaela Rausch

  • Derek-Griffin-crim-landing.jpg

    “My way of thanking the university is by trying to be a strong advocate for the school, because I’ve been given the opportunity to become a better person, be challenged and take on leadership positions.”Derek Griffin

  • KyaJackson-crim-landing.jpg

    “The cybercrime security major is not only a cutting-edge field to get in to, but I think I would like to someday start a career in security at a small business.”Kya Jackson



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