Welcome to the Indiana State University family!

We’re proud to have you, as well as your student, be a part of our exciting and diverse community. You will most likely find that parenting a college student is quite different than parenting a high schooler. While students still need your advice and support, they will also be discovering new identities, and will begin to take on the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood. By allowing your students to lead, and offering support and resources while encouraging them to take action on their own, you are empowering your student with skills they will use for the rest of their lives. We know that STATE offers numerous opportunities and options that can sometimes be daunting, and this website was designed to be families and parents resource for all questions about STATE. Our hope is that you will become more familiar with the university and its resources, policies and procedures, and more aware of the adjustments new students face. We are committed to helping you support your student’s academic success and personal development.

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    Our Family Orientation program is designed to provide the tools you need to partner in your student’s success at State.