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International Research Collaboration and Contracts

Researchers who are planning to engage in international research collaborations or contracts with foreign entities, regardless of how/or if the project is being financially supported, should disclose information about the collaboration or contract to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) prior to making any commitments with international collaborators.  

The Office of Sponsored Programs will conduct a check of all U.S. government restrictions; including a check on Visual Compliance for the most up to date Commerce Control List and Country Chart. While most often there are no concerns from this review, conducting the review allows ISU to remain in full compliance with regulatory requirements. In some cases, other concerns will arise, such as legal or compliance requirements related to tax, privacy, employment, financial transactions or other issues. If this is the case, Sponsored Programs will work with the Office of the General Counsel and the researcher to address these concerns. 

Departments with contractual arrangements with an international entity that are not research-related should contact the Office of the General Counsel for assistance. All proposals for software licenses should be submitted to the Office of Purchasing, and the Office of Purchasing will work with the Office of Information Technology for review.

Faculty and staff who plan to collaborate with international researchers will be asked to complete the CITI Program training module: Introduction to Export Compliance, which is available on the CITI Program website. For faculty and staff who have not registered with CITI please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs to get started.  


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