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IPTV and Cable


Apogee's ITPV service, Stream2, is available to all on-campus residents.  With Stream2 you can watch TV on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablets or through Apple AirPlay.  In addition, Amazon FireTV and Fire Stick, which can be purchased online or at various retail locations., is also an option to view Stream2.  You can also watch live TV through your computer using IE and Safari. You can also plug in directly using traditional coaxial cable.  Set up your account, and start watching TV today!

Account Setup

  1. Register for an account at ""
  2. Download the Stream2 app to your device
  3. Once the app has successfully downloaded to your device, use your MyCampusVideo username and password to login to the app.

For Mobile Devices

  • iOS

    • Open the App Store
    • Search "Apogee Stream2"
    • Download the app using iTunes credentials
    • Open app and login using MyCampusVideo credentials
  • Android
    • Open the Google Play Store
    • Search for "Apogee Stream2"
    • Download the app using Google credentials
    • Open app and log in using MyCampusVideo credentials
  • Amazon Fire Stick and FireTV
    • Open the Amazon store from your PC or mobile device
    • Search for "Apogee Stream2"
    • Download using Amazon credentials
    • Open Stream2 & login using MyCampusVideo credentials
    • Go to Amazon FireTV device.  Steam2 will be in your app library

Need help downloading to your device?  Download our Install Guide HERE or go to "".

For Desktops/Laptops

  • Open Internet Explorer (IE) 11

    • If you have Windows 10, click the windows button and search for "Internet Explorer 11"
    • If you don't have IE 11 you can download and install it HERE.
  • Download the plugin from
  • Run the plugin
  • Restart IE 11
  • Add “” to your trusted sites list
    • If you don't know how to do this, use this link.
  • Go to ""

For traditional cable hookups on TVs

You will need a QAM tuner on your TV to use the new HD digital channels.  Most TVs produced after 2007 should have a QAM tuner, but to check your model, take a look HERE.


Call:                 855-371-5063 (Add to your contacts for easy access)

Text:                “MyStream2” to 84700


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Help!  I want to use Stream 2 but I’m not sure where to begin.

    • This one is easy.  Start at and create an account. 
    • Next, go to your mobile device/tv and download the app.  You can use an iPhone, iPad, Android device or Amazon FireStick for your HDMI enabled TV.
      • Apogee will continue to add devices and new functionality to the app and will notify the University when they have.
    • Once the app is downloaded, simply log in with the credentials you created on MyCampusVideo. 
    • For video instruction, use the link below and follow the second set of instructions called Signing Up for Stream 2 Only
  • I have a laptop, does that work? 
    • It does, but you’ll need to log in using Safari or Internet Explorer.  Other browsers are coming soon and we’ll let you know when they’re available.  
  • How do I set up my laptop? 
    • Start by setting up your account at and create your account. 
    • From your laptop, install a web player plug-in to view Stream2. Links to plug-ins can be found at under “Desktop Web.”
    • Visit to view Stream2. The web player app only works on-campus. 
  • What if I have the school issued scholarship laptop?
    • You can still access the plugin to view Stream2.  Use Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) to get there.
  • What if I have the school issued iPad? 
    • Stream 2 is available on the school issued iPad.  
  • How do I hook up my television? 
    • There are two options for viewing cable programming on a television. 

      • Stream 2

      • Traditional Television
        • For a more traditional experience, you’ll need a television equipped with a QAM tuner.  The good news is most tv’s manufactured after 2007 have them, but if you don’t, one can be purchased at any number of places.  Please go to the following link to determine if your television is right for high definition cable. 
        • If you were on campus last semester, you’ll want to re-program your television to pick up the new (and improved) channel line up. 
  • Can I DVR my favorite shows? 
    • Stream2 now includes DVR functionality which allows you to record all your favorite programming and watch at your convenience (with added pause, rewind and fast-forward capability). This feature includes a 24 hour window of replayable content PLUS 20 hours of storage per user! At this time, DVR is available on iOS and Android devices only. 
  • I think I need more help.  Who do I call? 
    • If you need any help connecting your devices, a support representative is available 24-hours a day to assist you via chat, text, phone, or email.
  • Can I use playback on my phone app?
    • Yes
  • Do I have to choose between RF and the app?
    • No, you can use both!
  • What WiFi network should I use?
    • ISU Secure or ISU Open
  • What if the wireless goes down?
    • You still have the RF option, but wireless rarely goes down in the residence halls
  • What if the app shows "unavailable"
    • Restart the app completely by exiting the app and opening it back up
  • Can I watch a show any time?
    • No, you can watch anything from the past 24 hours, and you can save specific episodes (up to 20 hours)
  • What other channels are included?
    • HBO and Cinemax
  • I'm getting the "media playback error"
    • Restart the application, after your FIRST download, you may need to restart your device.
  • Is closed captioning available?
    • Yes!  You can find it in the options menu in the app.
  • Can I record on my laptop?
    • No, recording is only available from the app.
  • Can I record multiple shows at the same time?
    • Yes!  Up to 20 hours worth.

Channel Lineup - Printer Friendly HERE

Digital Channel Call Stream   Digital Channel Call Stream
2.1 WTWO-DT Yes   56.2 ION Yes
2.2 WTWO-DT2     57 BBC America  
2.3 WTWO-DT3     57.1 BBC America HD Yes
3.1 Orca TV HD Yes   57.2 NASA TV Yes
7 CNN     58 NASA TV  
8 CNBC     58.1 Travel Channel HD Yes
9 MSNBC     58.2 TLC HD Yes
10 FXNWS     59 Travel Channel  
10.1 WTHI-DT Yes   59.1 History Channel HD Yes
10.2 WTHI-DT2 Yes   59.2 National Geographic HD Yes
10.3 WTHI-DT3     60 TLC  
11 FBN TV     60.1 Discovery Channel HD Yes
12 BITV     60.2 Animal Planet HD Yes
13 CSPAN1     61 History Channel  
14 CSPAN2     61.1 E! Entertainment HD Yes
15 FSTV     61.2 Comedy Central HD Yes
16 V-me     62 National Geographic  
17 EPIC     62.1 Freeform HD Yes
18 WEATH     62.2 Disney Channel HD Yes
19 NBC Sports Network     63 Discovery Channel  
20 Fox Sports 1     63.1 Disney Jr. Yes
21 Fox Sports 2     63.2 Disney XD Yes
22 Big Ten Network     64 Animal Planet  
23 ESPNU     64.1 Nickelodeon HD Yes
24 ESPNews     64.2 Cartoon Network HD Yes
25 ESPN2     65 E! Entertainment  
26 ESPN     65.1 Hallmark Channel HD Yes
27 Comcast SportsNet Chicago     65.2 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries HD Yes
28 Fox Sports Midwest     66 Comedy Central  
29 Fox Sports Cincinnati     66.1 AMC HD Yes
30 NFL Network     67 Freeform  
31 NHL Network     68 Disney Channel  
31.1 CNN HD Yes   69 Disney Jr.  
31.2 CNBC HD Yes   70 Disney XD  
32 NBA TV     71 Nickelodeon  
32.1 MSNBC HD Yes   72 Cartoon Network  
32.2 Fox News Channel HD Yes   73 Hallmark Channel  
33 TNT     74 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries  
33.1 Fox Business Network HD Yes   75 AMC  
33.2 Bloomberg Television HD Yes   79.1 CNN HD  
34 TBS     79.2 CNBC HD  
34.1 CSPAN1 Yes   80.1 MSNBC HD  
34.2 CSPAN2 Yes   80.1 HBO (East) HD Yes
35 USA Network     80.2 Fox News Channel HD  
35.1 Free Speech Yes   80.2 HBO2 (East) HD Yes
35.2 V-me Yes   81.1 HBO Signature (East) HD Yes
36 FX     81.1 Fox Business Network HD  
36.1 EPIC Yes   81.2 Bloomberg Television HD  
36.2 The Weather Channel HD Yes   81.2 Cinemax (East) HD Yes
37 FXX     82.1 CSPAN1  
37.1 NBC Sports Network HD Yes   82.2 CSPAN2  
37.2 Fox Sports 1 HD Yes   83.1 Free Speech  
38 A&E     83.2 V-me  
38.1 WAWV-DT Yes   84.1 EPIC  
38.2 WAWV-DT2     84.2 The Weather Channel HD  
38.3 WAWV-DT3     85.1 NBC Sports Network HD  
39 Spike TV     85.2 Fox Sports 1 HD  
39.1 Fox Sports 2 HD Yes   86.1 Fox Sports 2 HD  
39.2 Big Ten Network HD Yes   86.2 Big Ten Network HD  
40 BET     87.1 ESPNU HD  
40.1 ESPNU HD Yes   87.2 ESPNews HD  
40.2 ESPNews HD Yes   88.1 ESPN2 HD  
41 MTV     88.2 ESPN HD  
41.1 ESPN2 HD Yes   89.1 Comcast SportsNet Chicago  
41.2 ESPN HD Yes   89.2 Fox Sports Midwest  
42 VH1     90.1 Fox Sports Cincinnati  
42.1 Comcast SportsNet Chicago Yes   90.2 NFL Network HD  
42.2 Fox Sports Midwest Yes   91.1 NHL Network HD  
43 Fuse     91.2 NBA TV HD  
43.1 Fox Sports Cincinnati Yes   92.1 TNT HD  
43.2 NFL Network HD Yes   92.2 TBS HD  
44 CMT     93.1 USA Network HD  
44.1 NHL Network HD Yes   93.2 FX HD  
44.2 NBA TV HD Yes   94.1 FXX HD  
45 Oxygen     94.2 A&E HD  
45.1 TNT HD Yes   100.1 Spike TV HD  
45.2 TBS HD Yes   100.2 BET HD  
46 OWN     101.1 MTV HD  
46.1 USA Network HD Yes   101.2 VH1 HD  
46.2 FX HD Yes   102.1 Fuse HD  
47 Lifetime     102.2 CMT HD  
47.1 FXX HD Yes   103.1 Oxygen  
47.2 A&E HD Yes   103.2 OWN HD  
48 WE tv     104.1 Lifetime HD  
48.1 Spike TV HD Yes   104.2 WE tv HD  
48.2 BET HD Yes   105.1 Z Living HD  
49 Z Living     105.2 Cooking Channel HD  
49.1 MTV HD Yes   106.1 Food Network HD  
49.2 VH1 HD Yes   106.2 HGTV HD  
50 Cooking Channel     107.1 Syfy Channel HD  
50.1 Fuse HD Yes   107.2 TruTV HD  
50.2 CMT HD Yes   108.1 TV Land  
51 Food Network     108.2 ION  
51.1 Oxygen Yes   109.1 BBC America HD  
51.2 OWN HD Yes   109.2 NASA TV  
52 HGTV     110.1 Travel Channel HD  
52.1 Lifetime HD Yes   110.2 TLC HD  
52.2 WE tv HD Yes   111.1 History Channel HD  
53 Syfy Channel     111.2 National Geographic HD  
53.1 Z Living HD Yes   112.1 Discovery Channel HD  
53.2 Cooking Channel HD Yes   112.2 Animal Planet HD  
54 TruTV     113.1 E! Entertainment HD  
54.1 Food Network HD Yes   113.2 Comedy Central HD  
54.2 HGTV HD Yes   114.1 Freeform HD  
55 TV Land     114.2 Disney Channel HD  
55.1 Syfy Channel HD Yes   115.1 Disney Jr.  
55.2 TruTV HD Yes   115.2 Disney XD  
56 ION     116.1 Nickelodeon HD  
56.1 TV Land Yes   116.2 Cartoon Network HD  
        117.1 Hallmark Channel HD  
        117.2 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries HD  
        118.1 AMC HD  



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