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GH 101: Leadership: When It's Your Turn

This course is designed NOT to create leaders, rather to help anyone recognize leadership opportunities and how to approach those events. We will meet twice each week, the first class on Tuesday will introduce you to a new idea about leadership, the next class on Thursday will show how that idea plays out in your world. Our goal is to get students thinking about leadership in a way they never have in the past. If it leads to some wanting to become leaders of organizations in the future, so be it. However, the good stuff happens when students walk away with a better idea of what leadership really is, recognizing when someone is trying to do it, and becoming more confident in approaching opportunities to do leadership stuff.

GH 101: Leadership: When It's Your Turn

Instructor: Dr. Steve Gruenert

If you have any questions about this course, please contact Dr. Gruenert.


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