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March 2022 Honors College Newsletter

The Honors College publishes a newsletter twice each year. This issue is primarily focused on stories written by current Honors students about their undergraduate research and travel experiences. It also highlights recent Honors student leadership and community engagement and the 2021 senior thesis titles, organized by college and department. 



People of STATE: Honors College

People of STATE: Tejas KandharkarTejas Kandharkar

People of STATE  •  July 21, 2021  •  Biology & Chemistry

"At one o’clock in the morning, Indiana State University’s campus slumbered.  The lights of Cunningham Memorial Library and a few residence hall rooms shone with late night studies, but the normally bustling quad was deserted. Senior Tejas Kandharkar admired the quiet, then blinked as he stepped into the fluorescent lighting of a science building lab. For two years, he has been a lab assistant using fruit flies to research genes involved in heart development with Shaad Ahmad, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Biology." READ MORE

People of STATE: Carla Morales

Carla Morales

People of STATE  •  June 2, 2021  •  Criminology and Criminal Justice & Cybercriminology and Security Studies

"Carla Morales wants to patch the holes in “Swiss cheese”.The Indiana State University senior from Downers Grove, Illinois isn’t a culinary connoisseur. She’s a technical wizard who is passionate about helping others protect their digital data from cybercrime." READ MORE

People of STATE: MaKenzie QuissellMaKenzie Quissell

People of STATE  •  May 18, 2021  •  Finance

"MaKenzie Quissell’s pursuit of a finance major and minor in financial services and insurance/risk management was her primary reason for accepting the Scott College of Business’ Networks Professional Development Scholarship." READ MORE

People Of State: Kimmie Collins

Kimmie Collins

People of STATE  •  July 28, 2020  •  Marketing

"Growing up, Indiana State was literally always a part of my life. From a young age, I’d proudly wear Sycamore Sam T-shirts to school. I stuck an Indiana State University decal to my bedroom window. For a while, I automatically associated “college” with Indiana State. Now, Sycamore spirit has only ingrained itself deeper in me. I’m proud to be a fourth-generation Sycamore, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world." READ MORE

People of State: Seraphina TuckerSeraphina Tucker

People of STATE  •  July 2, 2020  •  Science Education

"Seraphina Tucker tries to only buy items secondhand, but her experiences at Indiana State University have been nothing but brand-new. For the science education major from LaPorte, Ind., shopping at thrift stores is a small act that shows her love for the environment. Tucker’s eagerness to learn about the environment and the people that inhabit it has been interwoven into all aspects of her collegiate career. From cultural explorations outside the United States to campus engagement, Tucker’s adventures have allowed her to gain a better grasp of the ways of the world." READ MORE

People of State: Brandon Ball

Brandon Ball

People of STATE  •  June 4, 2020  •  Management

"Being your own boss, setting your own hours, traveling all over the country. Sounds a lot like a pipe dream to many, but for Brandon Ball, that’s exactly what he wanted, and that’s exactly what he got. A management major with a double minor in marketing and entrepreneurship, coming from nearby Brookville, Ind., Ball is a recent graduate of Indiana State University who has carved a path for himself through his extremely strong work ethic." READ MORE

People of State: Nicole HooverNicole Hoover

People of STATE  •  May 27, 2020  •  Recreation and Sport Management & Language Studies

"Indiana State University student and founder of Camp Kesem Nicole Hoover has learned all about fundraising and working in a professional world through her nonprofit that helps children who have parents dealing with cancer. Learn more about her efforts to help the community!" READ MORE

People of State: Kevin BolingerDr. Kevin Bolinger

People of STATE  •  May 14, 2020  •  Honors Faculty

"Bolinger’s classes within the Honors College are truly unlike any other, and sometimes they do feel like a voyage into Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone.  His three Honors seminars are some of the most popular courses on campus, filling in minutes as students register for classes, and Bolinger himself finds the Honors courses are his favorite classes to teach. He’s designed the classes to appeal to students: from exploring human nature in The Twilight Zone to studying the literary elements of the television show Lost and venturing through the streets of London, the courses never cease to pique student interest." READ MORE

People of State: Iyliana Olds

Iyliana Olds

People of STATE  •  March 19, 2020  •  Psychology

"Iyliana Olds aspires to be someone who helps people. In her journey to achieve her dream job as a counselor for troubled children, Olds has faced several challenges. Through these challenges, she has learned about herself, her limits, and the ways in which she can push through adversity." READ MORE

Austin Theisz

People of STATE  •  February 3, 2020  •  Exercise Science

"A week of service prescribed a new path for Austin Theisz, exposing him to a world of opportunities. The exercise science major from Terre Haute, Ind., came to Indiana State with hopes of becoming a physical therapist, but he diagnosed his true calling after a service trip to Ecuador with Timmy Global Health." READ MORE

People of State: Hayley TagueHayley Tague

People of STATE  •  December 18, 2019  •  Mechanical Engineering Technology

"In her major Tague has had the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning experiences and has even taken classes in welding. From making metal castings to making 3D designs, Tague has done it all and more. For her internship, Tague worked in the product engineering department, which allowed her to utilize her skills in 3D designs and computer-aided design (CAD) software to make their current projects better." READ MORE

People of State: Maddi HellmichMaddi Hellmich

People of STATE  •  December 13, 2019  •  Gender Studies

"Hellmich, a senior President’s Scholar from Greensburg, Ind., was one of the founding brothers of Indiana State’s chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity. In addition, the Honors College student completed an internship with the Smithsonian Institution this summer, where she conducted research necessary to further the American Women’s History Initiative." READ MORE

People of State: Naseera Salahuddin-WilliamsNaseera Salahuddin-Williams

People of STATE  •  June 17, 2019  •  Nursing

"Naseera Salahuddin-Williams will tell you that she didn’t choose nursing as a major when she started as a first-year student at Indiana State University. Instead, it’s more like the nursing field found her. 'Many of the nursing professors will tell you that you don’t choose to go into nursing; it is a calling. I believe this wholeheartedly as I have been making my way through the program.'" READ MORE

People of State: Benjamin BequetteBenjamin Bequette

People of STATE  •  June 5, 2019  •  Computer Engineering Technology

"Indiana State University senior Benjamin Bequette has a knack for building things with his hands and he found the perfect place to put those skills to use in the College of Technology’s computer engineering technology program. A native of Edwardsville, Ill., Bequette decided to major in computer engineering technology major with minors in automation and control engineering technology and electrical engineering technology around his sophomore year of high school." READ MORE

Emma Harrison

People of STATE  •  May 22, 2019  •  Speech-Language Pathology

"Emma Harrison is a speech-language pathology major and has known she wanted to do this since age 10. Her younger brother had gone through speech therapy, and Harrison would sit and watch the sessions intently. Although Harrison wanted to be a teacher, at first, those sessions changed the trajectory of her life. Now as she prepares to help others find their voice, State has helped her find her own." READ MORE

People of State: Breeze KeppyBreeze Keppy

People of STATE  •  May 15, 2019  •  Nursing

Breeze Keppy fell in love with Indiana State University years before she was old enough to apply. When she finally had the chance to step on campus as a prospective student, Keppy knew she was home.'When I took my first tour, everyone on campus was so friendly and welcoming, which made a huge impact on me,' she said. 'I knew that I wanted to attend a school with a strong nursing program and opportunities to grow as an individual, and I honestly could not have made a better choice. ISU truly is my home away from home.'" READ MORE

People of State: Annie BowenAnnie Bowen

People of STATE  •  May 1, 2019  •  Insurance

"Annie Bowen, a freshman from Terre Haute, Ind., has been selected to serve as a 500 Festival Princess during the 2019 Indianapolis 500 season. Bowen, proud of her starting position as an Indiana native, is enchanted by the opportunity. 'The experience so far has been very rewarding,' she said. 'I’ve gotten to see the full gamut of what the 500 Festival Organization does. Being able to make an impact on Indiana culture is something that is really important to me. I love being able to teach about the history we have and the deep roots we’ve always had in racing.'" READ MORE

People of State: Jordan DentonJordan Denton

People of STATE  •  May 1, 2019  •  Criminology and Criminal Justice & Cybercriminology and Security Studies

"Indiana State students Jordan Denton and Samuel Pickens have been working with the Indiana Governor’s Council to help improve the cybersecurity posture of Indiana." READ MORE

People of State: Joseph TwitdyJoseph Twitdy

People of STATE  •  March 18, 2019  •  Psychology

"Twitdy was initially attracted to Indiana State because of the low student to faculty ratio and the Honors College. 'I sat in on an Honors class before my freshman year, and I was really interested in Honors course work,' he said. 'Living in an Honors building with like-minded people who are serious about college appealed to me and my mother.'" READ MORE

People of State: Andrew VanDenburghAndrew VanDenburgh

People of STATE  •  March 1, 2019  •  Operations and Supply Chain Management & Marketing

"Andrew VanDenburgh may be in his final semester at Indiana State, but he’s already looking beyond commencement after he accepted a position last fall as an area manager at Amazon’s fulfillment center in Denver." READ MORE

Juan Nysschen

People of STATE  •  January 7, 2019  •  Chemistry

"Juan Nysschen, Honors Student, started attending Indiana State in the fall of 2015. He was born in South Africa and later moved to the US at the age of three. He chose State to become a doctor because he knows the difference it can make after being exposed to hospitals as his brother received treatment for a rare form of leukemia cancer. One of the most valuable things Nysschen has done at State is volunteer to go on the Timmy Global Health trip to provide healthcare to an underserved country." READ MORE

People of State: Garrett ShortGarrett Short

People of STATE  •  September 1, 2018  •  Communication

"Senior communication major Garrett Short’s impressive resume — and know-how — lands him his first-choice internship at KBJR 6, an NBC station in Duluth, Minn." READ MORE

People of State: Abigail GriderAbigail Grider

People of STATE  •  September 1, 2018  •  Economics & Language Studies

"Abigail Grider knew she wanted to pursue a study abroad opportunity even before she arrived at Indiana State. But it didn’t hurt that international travel was a requirement for the Honors student from Fort Wayne. Grider is seeking a double major in economics and language studies with a focus in French and a certification in teaching English as a second language." READ MORE

Alethia Marrero

People of STATE  •  March 18, 2018  •  Political Science & Legal Studies

"Alethia Marrero studied abroad in India and fell in love with their culture and all that it taught her about globalization and social justice. This opportunity opened her eyes to seeing the connection between business, politics, social justice and technology. Indiana State is where she feels she became an intellectual and is grateful for the experience and knowledge she gained in her four years at State." READ MORE