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Conflicts of Interest at ISU

Indiana State University is committed to the values of integrity, responsibility, and professionalism. In June, 2015, the ISU Board of Trustees adopted a revised Conflict of Interest Policy to allow for the disclosure of conflicts of interest of a financial or personal nature.

Financial Conflicts of Interest

  • Indiana law and 912 Conflict of Interest Policy require disclosure of conflicts of a pecuniary interest of $250 or more to the ISU Board of Trustees in writing before any transaction takes place.  
  • Failure to disclose a financial conflict of interest is considered a Level 6 felony under Indiana law and a serious violation of ISU policy.
  • A "pecuniary interest" is defined as "an interest in a contract or purchase if the contract or purchase will result or is intended to result in an ascertainable increase in the income or net worth" of the ISU employee or a dependent of the ISU employee. 

Please review Indiana Code 35-44.1-1-4 for more information. ISU employees should disclose financial conflicts of interest by completing the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form. The signed statement should be sent to the Office of the General Counsel

The disclosure should be made in a timely manner and before final action on the contract or purchase. Please note that some ISU units, such as the Financial Aid Office and the Purchasing Office, may adopt additional policies and procedures related to financial conflicts of interest.

Personal Conflicts of Interest

Personal conflicts of interest involve either a family relationship or a consensual romantic or sexual relationship. Please see 912 Conflict of Interest Policy for more information. 


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