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Farhad Bahram

Farhad Bahram - Digital Arts

Farhad Bahram

MMFA, University of Oregon


Creative Interests:

Farhad Bahram is a Chicago-based artist and educator from Iran, a society marked by stringent communication regulations. His work probes the intricate relationship between individual actions and societal dynamics, utilizing the human body as a central motif to deconstruct identity and decode cultural language. Bahram's exhibitions in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States have shaped his practice as an international artist, with features in esteemed publications and media platforms such as Art Practical, PBS News Hour, Voice of America, and Storytelling, Self, Society journal. Acknowledged through grants from institutions like the Tokyo Foundation for International Research, the University of Michigan, Indiana State University, and the University of Oregon's Ford Alumni Center, he currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Digital Art & Communication at Indiana State University.