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Faculty & Staff Giving

Indiana State University faculty and staff who donate to ISU are a part of a special community. Contributions at any point during the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) automatically count toward the annual Faculty and Staff Campaign totals.  

All faculty and staff donors are exempt from gift fees and are able to give through payroll deduction. To participate in the campaign, you can donate to your department, College or Unit or program that matters most to you. Your participation, at any amount you are able to give, helps Indiana State.

For more information about the faculty and staff giving, contact the Division of University Advancement at 812-237-6100 or reference our Faculty and Staff Campaign FAQs.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction contributions quickly add up to a substantial gift. For example, a donation as small as $12.50 per month grows to $150 per year. Imagine the collective difference this could make in the lives of Indiana State students if every member of the faculty and staff supported the University through the Payroll Deduction.  View the Payroll Deduction chart as a quick reference guide to how you can maximize your giving to Indiana State through your Payroll Deduction pledge.

To sign up for payroll deduction or for questions or make changes to an existing payroll deduction pledges, contact the Division of University Advancement at 812-237-6100.