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Campus Life has many opportunities for students to become leaders on campus through the Leadership Certificate Program, workshops, and leadership programming (such as LeaderShape Institute and Catalyst)
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Involvement We encourage all students to get involved! Campus Life has over 260 student organizations students can get involved in!  Campus Life is also home to the only programming board on campus, Union Board. Students can join to help plan and implement programs they wish to see on campus!

Involvement Fair    Involvement Fair     Involvement Fair

Foundation Student organizations, Union Board, Homecoming,  LeaderShape programs, and all events Campus Life offers provides students with the opportunity to create a network, discover passions, and explore new horizons! These opportunities combined gives students a great foundation for the future!
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Campus Life provides a variety of events for all students to enhance the college experience. Whether its Homecoming or a night of Bingo, Campus Life assists students to create lasting memories at Indiana State!
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The importance of getting involved:

Student learning and student retention are correlated strongly with student engagement. The more actively engaged students are - with college faculty and staff, with other students, with the subject matter being learned - the more likely they are to persist in their college studies and to achieve at higher levels. This connection has been emphasized in a number of major studies and reports on the undergraduate experience. Check out our social media to learn of ways to get involved on campus!



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