Office of Campus Life

Living your L.I.F.E with the Office of Campus Life!

Welcome to the Office of Campus Life! We bring L.I.F.E to our students through Leadership, Involvement, Foundation, and Experience. Our office promotes leadership development initiatives such as the leadership certificate program, encourages campus involvement through our 200+ student organizations, allows students to begin their foundation through networking opportunities with faculty and staff, and creates experiences for students to enjoy and build community among their peers through the 50+ programs and events we organize. For more details about L.I.F.E, make sure to click the tabs above!


Mission Statement and Values

Division of Student Affairs Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to support academic success, student retention, and graduation, by fostering an inclusive and equitable campus community, which promotes educational programs, social activities, services, resources, and advocacy.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote student success by providing opportunities for community and public service; identify, engage and develop student leaders in collegiate and community life through participation in student organizations and activities.


  • We promote student success via collaboration with student organizations and other University departments
  • We provide opportunities that increase student persistence and retention through integration into the academic and social communities.
  • We facilitate the development of student's emotional maturity, autonomy, critical thinking, citizenship, and stewardship through co-curricular involvement and leadership opportunities. 
  • We offer opportunities for diverse interactions. 


Contact Us!

HMSU 515 and HMSU 143

Phone: 812-237-3840