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Referral Form Instruction

Referral Form Processing Information

  • The department hiring the student is responsible for initiating the Referral Form. Payroll prefers that all information (except signatures and dates) is typed by the department, especially the Pay Rate/Hour.
  • In order to process a student’s pay in a timely and accurate manner, all information on the Referral Form is used by and needed by Payroll; therefore, the entire Referral Form should be completed by the employer, then signed/dated by the student and the employer (2 signatures required)
  • The student should bring the Referral Form to Student Employment Programs for processing BEFORE the start date written on the referral form.
  • After processing the Referral, Student Employment Programs forwards the Referral Form to the Payroll Department.
  • A student will need a Referral Form for each different job the student has been hired for by a department.
  • After receipt of a Referral Form, Payroll creates a record for the student and the job listed on the Referral Form. This information has to update overnight before a student can clock in using Kronos.

How to Complete a Referral Form Information

Student Must Bring Referral Form to Student Employment Programs On or Before Start Date

Student Section

All sections must be completed.

  • Last Name - Surname of student
  • First Name - Given first name for student (do not use nicknames)
  • Student ID - University Id number
  • Contact Phone - The number is used only by Student Employment Programs or Payroll should more information be needed concerning the paperwork processed, etc.
  • E-Mail - Student's ISU e-mail address is preferred
  • Signature & Date - Payroll will not accept referral unless it is an original signature and dated by student
Employer Section

All sections must be completed.

  • Put a checkmark beside the correct answer for the three questions at the beginning of the employer section.
  • Org Code - This is the 4-digit department code for your department.
  • Pay Expense Index - This is the account which will have the funds to pay the student. This usually will have letters and sometimes a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Pay Rate/Hour - To prevent any alterations from being made, THE AMOUNT SHOULD BE TYPED.
  • Hiring Proposal Number: Hiring Proposal Number is generated when the hiring proposal has been submitted to Student Employment.
  • Kronos Suffix - This is a 2-digit number which appears after the Banner Position Number on the Recaps sheet. E.g. U04251-00 The last 2 digits after the hyphen is the Kronos Suffix
  • Criminal Background Check (CBC) – Select the appropriate box.
  • Intramural Voucher Expense Account Code - 5-digit number used to reimburse Human Resources for the CBC expense. If a CBC is not required and the “no” box was checked, then this section will be blank.
  • Start Date - This date should be the first day the student will work for pay (training include). This information should be as accurate as possible since this date determines the information input into Banner. THE STUDENT MUST BRING IN THE COMPLETED FORM ON OR BEFORE THE DATE WRITTEN IN THIS SPOT.
  • Department Name - Name of department student will be working.
  • Department Phone - Departmental phone number (extension)
  • *Department Authorization Name (print) - PRINT or type name
  • *Department Authorization Signature - Signature, after printing document
  • Date - Write in current date
  • *Supervisor Name (print) - PRINT or type name
  • *Supervisor Signature - Signature, after printing document
  • Supervisor Phone - Extension or full phone number for person who will be supervising student.
  • Date - Write in current date.

*There must be two (2) employer signatures or Payroll will not accept the Referral Form. If authorized, the same person may sign for the Department Authorization and the Supervisor.