Project Success

Attention: the Project Success deadline has been extended until August 1. 

Entering First-Year Students

Project Success is a semester long program for students who want to enhance their academic performance and get a head start on the collegiate experience. 

College is different than high school. Expectations and requirements for studying are more demanding. Unfortunately, some students struggle early in their college career with understanding these differences and achieving academically. Don't be one of them.

All participants will engage in a 5-day workshop prior to the start of the semester (Aug 9 – 13th) to help them acclimate to campus, start building social and academic networks, and learn about the various resources and people at ISU who can help them on their academic journey.

The program will continue throughout the fall semester with a freshman transition course specifically for participants in the program. Credit is received after completion of the course.

Why Attend

Project Success is a great opportunity for first-year students to get a jump-start on college, develop skills that will help them achieve their academic and personal goals, and get ready to be successful college students.

Students who participate in Project Success will...

  • Build a supportive peer network
  • Establish relationships with ISU faculty and staff
  • Learn about campus resources and utilize them when necessary
  • Understand academic expectations and cultural differences between high school and college
  • Develop skills that will transfer to their other courses and beyond

Student participating in Project Success will start one of their fall semester classes early. Often students do not fully realize how different the academic experience between high school and college is until they are already deep into the semester. This course is designed to bridge the gap between the high school and college experiences. Students will begin their personal narrative starting on day one and will learn how to be intentional in developing their new identity both on and offline. This course will explore how to make the most out of college through personal connections with peers, mentors, faculty, and other staff on campus who are here to support students through their four years at Indiana State University. The purpose of starting this class early is to help Project Success students adjust to and feel comfortable in the university academic environment so that when they start the rest of their classes they are prepared for the differences they will experience.

This year we are excited to announce two student tracks:  one for those living on-campus and one for those who will be commuting to campus. 

On-Campus Track: Participants will move directly into their fall room assignment. They will also be enrolled in a freshman transition course with other Project Success participants that focuses on the adjustment from high school to college and success strategies they can use all 4 years to support their academic achievement and social adjustment. The course also counts towards the 120 credit hour university degree requirement.

Commuter Track: Participants who commute to campus will be enrolled in a special section of a freshman transition course with other commuter students.  This course counts toward their 120 credit university requirement and focuses on the adjustment from high school to college and success strategies they can use all four years to support their academic achievement and social adjustment.  In addition, this course will help commuter students develop strategies to help them engage academically and socially in a variety of ways that meet the specific needs and time constraints of commuter students.

The total cost of the Project Success program is $150, due when registering for the program.

Space is limited so reserve your spot today. 

Housing and Dining

Project Success students who will be living on campus will be housed on floors together in our recently renovated residence halls All rooms are double-occupancy and the building has laundry and kitchen facilities on the mezzanine, as well as study and social lounges on every floor.. All meals will be provided during the 5 day workshop and then students will utilize their meal plan once they become active on August 14, 2020. Please complete the housing contract, choose the Project Success learning community, submit the payment of $20 application fee, and pay your enrollment deposit of $100. 

We know your roommate choice is important to you. If you already have a roommate in mind, you can search for them directly in the housing application or, if you’d like to room with another Project Success student, you can search for only students that have selected the Project Success Community as well.  If you do not select a roommate, we will automatically pair you with a student who is also participating in Project Success.

Prior to the program, students will receive communication from Residential Life with details and instructions regarding housing.

Note: Students will have access to ISU facilities, including Hulman Memorial Student Union, the Cunningham Memorial Library, and the Student Recreation Center, which features a lap pool, leisure pool, 22-person spa, cardio and strength conditioning equipment, and a three-court gymnasium.

Move-In Information

  • Check-In: August 9, 2020, specific details will be provided in July

Refund Policy

Please note: the $150 Project Success program registration fee is non-refundable after July 1, 2020.

Office of Admissions
Indiana State University
318 North Sixth Street
Terre Haute, Indiana 47809
(812) 237-2121

Student Feedback on Project Success

What was your favorite part of Project Success overall? 

  • I liked that I came to college a week earlier
  • My favorite part was making new friends and during the first week getting to go to all the different activities.
  • I liked the fact that we were able to get on campus early and experience everything ourselves first before the first week.
  • I loved how I was able to get ahead of the game. 

What was your least favorite part of Project Success?

  • For the first week I only knew one person and I was afraid to make new friends.
  • Nothing.  I loved everything about it.  It was well work the money and time.
  • I don’t think I have a least favorite part of the program.

Would you recommend Project Success to incoming students?  Why?

  • Yes because the course helped see the world a little different and it helped me get ready for the next 4 years.
  • Yes, Project Success has helped me overcome and learn a lot.  It has helped me study and prepare for my classes more and be more social.
  • Yes.  It allows an early look at what college is like and gives you what strategies for different things that students have used in the past and gotten success from.
  • Yes, I think it’s a great opportunity for freshmen.
  • I would.  It definitely gave me a jump on things such as time management and ability to make friends.

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