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The Indiana State University, School of Criminology and Security Studies new Cyber/Intel Laboratory located in Holmstedt Hall, Room 016, was most recently updated in Summer 2022. The Cyber/Intel lab is now furnished with all new state-of-the-art hardware Silicon Forensics Desktops and HP laptop computers. All workstations have 32 inch LG monitors and Gaming chairs. In addition to new hardware, the lab also has new carpet and LED lighting that is capped off with an 85 inch Sony TV for teaching students digital forensics and otehr hands-on activities. The Cyber/Intel lab also doubled its number of servers to provide distant students access to teh lab and virtual machines. The Cyber/Intel lab is used by instructors for teaching in a hands-on approach to help students learn computer foresnics, mobile forensics, cybersecurity, intelligence analysis and behavioral analysis using the latest tools and technologies.

In addition, the Cyber Lab offers modern infrastructure equipment where students can learn about the latest technologies used in business environments such as hardware/software and netwroking, as well as physical servers that can be used for virtualization.  The servers include unlimited VMs in order to accommodate the online students as well as classes that are hosted in the lab for digital forensics exercises. The lab is also equipped with brand new Apple and Androif mobile devices for hands on learning and projects.

The Cyber/Intel lab is a closed lab with limited access for faculty and students who have class and is a single Internet connection separated from the university’s main networks that can be disabled when Internet access is not desirable (e.g. when working with malware). The lab also has state of the art security monitoring to record remote access and lab activity. The lab also hosts the student led Cybersycamore Club for their meetings and competitions.