Criminology and Criminal Justice Fall 2017

Advising Sessions

Bring your laptop and possible courses to the session

Seniors/Honors Student/Athletes Advising ( 90+ Earned hours) Seniors officially can register November 13th at 6:30AM

November 3rd:1-3pm

November 6th: 2-4:30pm

November 7th: 8-11am & 2-4pm

November 8th: 2-4:30pm

November 10th 12-4:30pm


Juniors and Senior Advising (60+ Earned hours) Juniors officially can register November 16th at 6:30AM

November 13th: 3-5pm

November 14th: 8-11am & 2-400pm

November 15th 3-5pm

November 17th 12-4:30pm


Sophomore/Junior Advising (30+ Earned hours) Sophomores officially can register November 27th at 6:30AM

November 26th 5-8pm Pizza Party

November 27th 3-5pm

November 29th 3-5pm

November 30th Freshmen at 6:30AM

Not able to make it during these sessions?  Email your advisor!! 

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