The Plan of Study (POS) is your DARS Report. It shows your Concentration, the courses you plan to take and have taken, courses you wish to transfer to ISU (if applicable), and any substitutions you need to make in required courses. You must complete and sign a POS at two points: during the first semester and upon application for graduation.

All new students must complete an initial POS during their first semester in the program. If you are a returning student, you should contact your advisor to work on your POS.  If you have a graduate assistantship, continued funding is contingent upon submitting a completed POS before the beginning of the second semester of your assistantship.

The first step to completing your POS is to print your DARS report (see below) and meet with your advisor (virtually or in person). In previous years, the department used a separate (green) form that your advisor completed only when you applied for graduation. We no longer use that form, and the DARS/POS must now be completed at the beginning of your program.

When you apply for graduation, your advisor will submit a second DARS/POS to SOGS. It will show any revisions made to your plan after completion of the initial POS.  This document does not take the place of your Application for Graduation; you must submit both. In addition to showing all courses taken/transferred/substituted, the final DARS/POS will include faculty signatures verifying satisfactory completion of your culminating experience.

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