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Meet Some College Students

Think back to your first year in high school. Did anything you felt about college as a 9th-grader make you NOT want to go?

"I was told college was extremely hard and very expensive." Benjamin

Now that you’re in college, how have your feelings changed?

"My first year in high school, I didn't know anything compared to what I know now. I am a freshman at ISU and I love everything about it. I was so worried about drama and kids picking on other kids, but there is none of that here." Rachel

"What are some realities of college life that high school counselors didn’t talk about?"

"Hanging out with friends, playing games and just getting to know people. Or the random acts of crazy because people are tired and just want to enjoy life." Krista

What's it like to live on campus?

"I love my roommate. We do a lot together, like go to the Rec (Recreation Center), go to our floor meetings once a month, and take part in events like the Winter Bash, where we got to drink cocoa, listen to music, make snowflake projects and relax before finals." Krista

How is college different from high school?

"You go to college to learn also about how to act as an adult. You learn who you really are." Krista

Has college changed you?

"I grew up in a small town, so I only knew the small town mentality, but meeting people from all different backgrounds changed the way I see others and view them. They helped me to open up my mind and grow as a person." Abigail

What truly motivated you to get into college?

"I have always wanted to be a teacher and I know in order to reach that lifetime goal I have to get my degree." Hayley

What advice do you have for middle school and high school students?

"I realize that college isn't for everyone. But the thing that really upsets me is that most of the time you're held back because of fear, finances, or guilt. My mom once told me, ‘This is your time to be selfish. This is about you. Make the best of it.’ That is probably the best advice I could give." Rachel

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