Dr. Matthew "Matt" Blaszka

Dr. Matthew "Matt" Blaszka
Chair & Assc Professor
Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport, Department of
Health and Human Services, College of
Arena 245
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  • Ph.D. - Sport Management, Indiana University - 2014
  • M.S. - Sport Administration, Georgia State University - 2011
  • B.S. - Sport Management, York college of Pennsylvania - 2007

Teaching Interests

  • Sport Marketing, Sport Facility, Sport Communication

Research Interests

  • Research within the sport communication and marketing field. Specifically, its relation to event marketing and management and athlete brand personality.

Dr. Matt Blaszka is an Assistant Professor and the Sport Management Graduate and Internship Coordinator. Prior to joining the Sport Management program in 2014, he spent one year teaching at his alma mater York College of Pennsylvania. He earned his PhD in Sport Management at Indiana University under the direction of his advisor Dr. Patrick Walsh. Prior to earning his PhD, he earned his Masters of Science in Sport Administration at Georgia State University and his Bachelors of Science in Sport Management from York College of Pennsylvania. Blaszka currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana where he is the Director of Community Soccer and Outreach for the Cutters Soccer Club.

RCSM420 Sport Marketing
RCSM480 Sport Sales and Management
SPM510 Foundations of Sport Management
SPM629 Internship
SPM692 Research Project

PhD – Sport Management, Indiana University, 2014

MS – Sport Administration, Georgia State University, 2011

BA – Sport Management, York College of Pennsylvania, 2007

Recent Publications:

Vooris, R., Blaszka, M., & Barnett, S. (accepted pending revisions). Understanding the Wearable Fitness Tracker Revolution. Journal of the Sociology of Leisure, XX, XX

Walsh, P., Clavio, G., Ross, S.D., & Blaszka, M. (accepted). Why teams rebrand: Uncovering the motives and process of team rebranding initiatives. Journal of Applied Sport Management. XX, XX

Blaszka, M., Cianfrone, B. A., & Walsh, P. (in press - 2018). An analysis of collegiate athletic department social media practices, strategies, and challenges. Journal of Contemporary Athletics,  12, XX.

Sauder, M. H., & Blaszka, M. (2018). 23 Players, 23 Voices: An Examination of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team on Twitter During the 2015 World Cup. Communication & Sport, 6, 175-202.

Blaszka, M., Walsh, P., Clavio, G. C, & Williams, A. S. (2017). A new approach: Measuring athlete brand personality on Twitter. Global Sport Business Journal, 5(2), 1-18.

Williams, A. S., Wright, B. K., & Blaszka, M. (2017). Creating brand loyalty via social media: Examining the relationship between U&G and brand loyalty in the fitness sector of the sport industry. International Journal of Sport Management, 17, 1-20.

Recent Presentations:

Walsh, P. T., Blaszka, M., Dees, W., & Galloway, G. (2018, April). March Madness U: Examining the promotion of collegiate basketball teams on university Twitter accounts during the NCAA Tournament. Presented (free communication) for the 11th Summit on Sport Communication. Bloomington, IN.

Blaszka, M. & Witkemper, C. (2017, November) A decade later: Social media and sport research review. Presented (free communication) SMAANZ. Gold Coast, Australia.

Blaszka, M., Dees, W., Walsh, P. T., & Witkemper, C. (2017, November). The Madness of it all: Examining the brand personality of the official sponsors of the NCAA during March Madness. To be presented (free communication) for the Sport Marketing Association Conference. Boston, MA

Walsh, P., Clavio, G. C., & Blaszka, M. (2017, February). They did what? Examining consumer response to the rebranding of team logos. Presented (free communication) for the Global Sport Business Association Conference. Cozumel, Mexico.

Blaszka, M. & Pantaleoni, A. (2017, April). It’s an ARMageddon: The Snapchat life of former NFL punter and current fitness guru Steve Weatherford. Presented (free communication) for the 10th Summit on Sport Communication. Phoenix, AZ.

Witkemper, C., Pegoraro, A., & Blaszka, M (2017, April). The evolution of hashtags at sport mega-events: A longitudinal examination of uses and users. Presented (free communication) for the 10th Summit on Sport Communication. Phoenix, AZ.

Director of Cutters Community Soccer and Outreach, Bloomington, IN

Social Media, social media marketing, athlete brand personality, team branding