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501 Faculty and Staff Principles of Conduct

Authority: Approved by the Board of Trustees
Last updated on: May 06, 2016

501.1 Faculty and Staff Principles of Conduct

Indiana State University embraces the values expressed in the following principles. University faculty and staff are:

a. Entrusted with public resources and are expected to understand their responsibilities with respect to conflicts of interest and to respond in ways consistent both with law and with University policy.

b. Expected to be competent and to strive to advance competence both in themselves and in others.

c. Expected to exhibit conduct characterized by integrity and dignity, and such conduct should be encouraged in others.

d. Expected to accept full responsibility for their actions and strive to serve others and accord fair treatment to all.

e. Expected to conduct themselves in ways that foster forthright expression of opinion and tolerance for the views of others.

f. Expected to be aware of and understand those institutional objectives and policies relevant to their job responsibilities, be capable of appropriately interpreting them within and beyond the institution, and contribute constructively to their ongoing evaluation and revision.

501.2 Extraordinary Action

When presented with credible evidence of performance, behavior, and/or dereliction of duties that constitutes a clear and present harm to the University, employees and/or students, the President or the Provost may immediately reassign the employee/faculty member for a stipulated period of time, which may be extended. This action will initiate a more complete investigation of the situation and, in all cases, the employee/faculty member shall be afforded due process per the appropriate grievance policies in the University Policy Library.

501.3 Grievance Procedures between Employee Groups

501.3.1 Process.

501.3.1.1 Respondent’s Process Governs. When a complainant from one employee group files a grievance against a respondent from another employee group, the University Policy Library process of the respondent (Policy 246 Bylaws of the Faculty Senate, Section 246.14 for faculty respondents, Policy 565 Staff Grievances for staff respondents) will be followed with the exception that the hearing committee will be the six officers (or their designees) of the two governing bodies.

501. Faculty Respondents. The grievance will be considered a primary grievance when the respondent is a faculty member.

a. Recommendation. In cases for which no majority recommendation is reached, the grievance will proceed.

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Policy History:
Policy 501 was included in the 2001 University Handbook revision; amended by the Indiana State University to add Sections 501.2, 501.3, 501.3.1, 501.3.1.1, 501. and 503.1.1.2 on June 11, 2015. Policy 501.2 was amended on May 6, 2016. Last reviewed on January 2021 by Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration and a minor change was made to Section 501.2 to delete ISU Handbook and replace with University Policy Library on January 21, 2021.