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640 Faculty/Staff Travel

Authority: Approved by the Board of Trustees
Last updated on: December 03, 2004

640.1 Overview

Indiana State University enable employees of the University to be reimbursed for actual and necessary travel and other expenses incurred while on official business, if approved by the University. Persons who travel on University business are encouraged to incur the lowest practical and reasonable expense while still travelling in an efficient and timely manner. Those travelling on University business are expected to avoid impropriety, or the appearance of impropriety, in any travel expense. They must conduct University business with integrity, and in compliance with University travel guideline and procedures.

640.1.1 University Travel Guidelines. The University travel guidelines and procedures can be found at http://www2.indstate.edu/controller/travel  These guidelines are approved with action of their University Board of Trustees on December 3, 2004, and periodically revisited to ensure consistency with various tax laws and regulations. 

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Policy Administrator:
Office of Finance and Administration
Policy Contact:
Office of the Controller
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Policy History:
Policy 640 was approved by the ISU Board of Trustees on December 3, 2004. Last reviewed January 2021 by Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration and no modifications were proposed.