Funding Resources


One of the largest grant search engines covering all fields of interest. Look for opportunities or collaborators.

Foundation Directory Online

Largest database of corporate and private foundations in the United States (access funded by Cunningham Memorial Library)


Publicly accessible

Indiana Youth Institute

Grant opportunities involving children or family initiatives.

Federal grants main site; not useful for general searches but helpful for agency-specific opportunities.

PDF icon Fulbright Scholar Program


Narrative Development

Before you start writing your proposal read the guidelines thoroughly. Every agency has their own set of guidelines. They can range from very general to very specific, right down to what size/type of font and margins may be used.

Contact OSP early in your narrative development process to help you with guideline compliance, narrative development and with the final proposal submission.


Budget Development

Before developing your budget, make sure you have read the budget section of your proposal guidelines thoroughly. This section should specify the upper limit for the budget, which costs are allowed and unallowed. Every agency has it own set of guidelines; they can range from very general to very specific.

Contact OSP early in your budget development process to assist you with developing a spreadsheet, determining cost share, finalizing the budget, and guiding you through the routing process.

Below are links to materials that may assist you in your budget development. 

Graduate Assistant Stipends and Fee Waivers in Grants

If you have or plan to pursue external funds and will include graduate assistants in your project, you should be aware that there are two components of financial support for graduate assistants. There is the stipend and the tuition waiver.

If the funding agency permits, you should include funds in your grant request to support both graduate assistant stipends and tuition. If you are going to request tuition support from the University, you must arrange for this support from the Director of Graduate and Professional Studies.