Tobacco-Free Campus

Indiana State University is a tobacco, vapor, and smoke free campus. We seek to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, reduce the environmental impact of tobacco, support individuals during their cessation process, and help reduce overall rates of tobacco use among the campus community. 

As per our tobacco free campus policy, tobacco use (i.e., electronic smoking devices, hookah, smoking, and/or other tobacco products) is not permitted on campus property. Any tobacco use must occur off campus property or within the enclosed cabin of privately owned vehicles. If using tobacco products off campus or within privately owned vehicles, please ensure proper and safe disposal of tobacco product waste and please avoid littering any tobacco product waste on campus or neighboring properties.

At Indiana State University, we value everyone’s health and wellness goals. If you are interested in quitting your tobacco use or supporting someone through their cessation process, we have provided a variety of resources and options. We encourage you to review these services and select an approach that works best for you. Our campus health providers are here to serve and support you as you journey through the cessation process.