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Thank you in advance for updating your contact information. It’s important for you to continuously update your contact information with the Alumni Association to receive important information from Indiana State University. Based on your mailing address, we send you invitations for events hosted in your area. We send other communication pieces, such as the printed bi-annual STATE magazine, monthly alumni newsletter, Alumni Association membership information, and more! Please keep your alma mater up-to-date when you:

  • Get a new mailing address, email address, or phone number
  • Get married (if your last name changes and/or provide us with the name of your spouse so we can link you in our database).
  • Get a new job, job title, or promotion at your current job

Also, we want to hear about the milestones in your life. If you want a significant accomplishment published in the online magazine, please fill out the Class Notes form, located on the magazine website.

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