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Payment Instructions

Important Payment Information

February 14, 2024

Your electronic bill for Spring 2024 is available for viewing in the ISU Student Account Suite and reflects your current account balance.  If you have recently made payment of the amount due, please disregard this notice.  The Office of the Controller must receive the full amount by March 6, 2024.  The postmark date will not be considered as the date received.   

If your academic fees are to be billed to a second party (e.g., an embassy, ROTC, Vocational Rehabilitation, etc.), you must pay all charges not authorized by the second party no later than March 6, 2024.  

Payments can be made via the web at: by utilizing VISA, MasterCard, Discover or electronic check. Check payments, inclusive of student name and University ID number, may be mailed to: Indiana State University, Office of the Controller – Account Analysts, Parsons Hall 100, Terre Haute, IN 47809. Postmark dates will not be used in determining the date received.  Also, for your convenience, an Office of the Controller Depository (payment drop box) is located on the north side of Parsons Hall. Should you choose to pay by mail or the payment drop box, please write your University ID number on your check. For additional information, call the Office of the Controller, (812) 237-3511, or e-mail:

If you are not attending the classes for which you have registered, you must request an official withdrawal in writing as outlined in the Withdraw link, which can be accessed on-line at: 

If you have questions about your fees or fee payment options, please contact our Account Analysts at (812) 237-3511, or e-mail:  If you have questions about your financial aid for the Spring Semester, please call the Office of Student Financial Aid at (812) 237-2215, or e-mail:  You may also access your account via the web at:



You may also grant access to authorized users (e.g., parents, grandparents, etc.) for payment authorization within ISU's Student Account Suite.  Once you provide the user account access, individuals may sign into the authorized payer area, view your account balance, and begin making payments.  Please visit and select the "authorized users" tab after logging in if you wish to grant an authorization.  Authorized users access is different than Proxy access.

Direct deposit of student refunds is available.  You can get your refunds faster.  Sign up today.  Information is available at


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