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Math Tutoring Lab

The Math Lab

"Our mission is to provide a judgment-free environment that encourages students to build their confidence and view learning math as positive and rewarding."

Currently, the Math Lab serves students in lower division math or quantitative literacy courses. These courses include: MATH035, MATH102, MATH105, MATH112, MATH115, MATH116, MATH123, MATH129, MATH131, MATH132, MATH241, AHS240, and ENVI240.



  • To provide a safe, productive work space that encourages engagement.
  • To be an open and reliable resource where students feel comfortable seeking help from peers and professionals.
  • To encourage the professional growth of all who work here.


Online Tutoring the the Summer 2021 Semester:

To schedule an appointment, please email Your email should include:

  1. Your Instructor Name, Course, and Section (for example, Jessica Markle, Math 241-301). You can find your section number listed with your course on Blackboard.
  2. Three times, or windows of time, that you are available for tutoring (for example, MW 12-1 PM EST, Weekdays after 2 PM EST) — Be sure to include your times in Eastern Time.

A math coach (tutor) trained in your content area will respond to your email to schedule a personal tutoring appointment with you. You will be provided a Zoom virtual meeting link with your scheduled appointment* as well as a “How-To” guide.

You should come prepared to your appointment with your class notes, material, and problems that you would like to ask specific questions about to help your understanding. You will have the ability to share your screen to show problems from a learning platform (i.e. Blackboard, MyMath/MyStatLab, Hawkes, Newton, Wiley, etc.) and also file share (to share an assignment document or pictures of your work). A math coach will be glad to help guide you through your problem solving to help you master the content!

* Showing for your scheduled appointment more than 10 minutes late will be recorded as a “no-show” for the appointment and you will need to reschedule. Please notify the coach that emailed you your appointment if you need to cancel.


Walk-In Hours:

Walk-in Hours are unavailable during the Summer 2021 semester. Assistance is availble via Zoom by appointment. Our walk-in times will resume for the Fall 2021 semester. See you then!



Any questions may be directed to Please include (1) your first and last name and (2) the course you are taking and instructor. A Math Lab team member will reply to your email.