Polymer Clay for Beginners: Earrings (Online)

Polymer Clay for Beginners: Earrings (Online)

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Online (times are for supply pickup)




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Polymer clay earrings are therapeutic to make, allowing you to express your creativity and pass quality time with your friends, kids, or just by yourself. Your earrings don't have to come out perfect, just as long as you're having fun! Polymer clay earrings give you the platform to make a statement in a way no other accessory can. With polymer clay, you have the freedom and the space to make your vision come to life and to create jewelry that's meaningful to you. Whatever your style, you can design earrings to suit your unique taste. With polymer clay, anything is possible! Fee: $15 Supply Pickup: 2/26/2021 from 4-6pm Video Available: 2/26/2021-3/28/2021