Stop the crap, cut the gap!

Stop the crap, cut the gap!

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Cunningham Memorial Library, Room 028, Lower Level




(812) 237-4333


Its no secret secret the wage disparity between women and men have existed in the American society since the origin of the country. While there have been strides to close this gap, it has not been enough. Today we will take a look at this wage disparity in different scenarios and introduce methods that encourage pay equity. Presented by Katrina Babb and ECON 353.

Part of Women’s History Month Colloquium. Full schedule available at

Sponsors for this event: Gender Studies; Indiana State University Center for Community Engagement; Department of History and African American Studies; College of Arts and Sciences; American Democracy Project; Foundational Studies Program; Feminist Majority; Cunningham Memorial Library; CANDLES Holocaust Museum & Education Center; Eugene V. Debs Museum