College Challenge at West Vigo High School

West Vigo High School

West Vigo High School students may participate in College Challenge, an Indiana State University dual credit program that enables eligible students to earn ISU college credit in courses taught by high school teachers at West Vigo High School

Courses are arranged within each student's regular schedule, not outside of regular school hours. The student earns college credit (at a significantly reduced rate) and high school credit simultaneously.

Courses & Fees

The following dual credit College Challenge course is offered at West Vigo High School:

  • ATTR 210/210L - Hum. Anatomy - 3 credits.  Cherish Easton
    Fee: $75.00
  • COMM 101 - Introduction to Speech Communication - 3 credits. Kristy Brackall
    Fee: $75.00
  • ENG 105 - Freshman Writing II - 3 credits. Ashley Hubbs
    Fee: $75.00
  • HIST 202 - US Since 1865 - 3 credits.  Chris Covert
    Fee: $75.00
  • MATH 112 - Trig - 2 credits.  Michelle Lemon
    Fee: $50.00
  • MATH 115 - Col. Alg. - 3 credits.  Michelle Lemon
    Fee: $75.00
  • MFG 225 - Int. to Materials, Proc & Testing - 3 credits.  Megan Jackson
    Fee: $75.00
  • PE 220/220L - Hum Physio. - 3 credits.  Cherish Easton
    Fee: $75.00
  • TMGT 131 - Intro to Manufacturing Tech - 3 credits.  Megan Jackson
    Fee: $75.00
  • UNIV 101 - University 101 - 3 credits.  Kathy Herrin
    Fee: $75.00

To request a new course, ask the high school teacher teaching the desired course (or high school counselor) to contact the Director, College Challenge Program at


To be eligible, West Vigo High School students must:
1. Have attained a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher.
2. Be recommended for the program by their high school counselor, teacher, or principal.
3. Have the desire and ability to do the work.

How to Register

1. To register for a College Challenge course, students must contact the high school teacher (listed above) or the high school guidance counselor. They will provide all of the necessary information and assistance, including instructions for the online application. All applications for ISU require a SS# for the student. Early contact is essential to ensure consideration.

2. Students need to register online through their high school teacher. Students will be billed $25 per credit hour. Bills will be sent via regular postal service to the student's home address on record at ISU approximately ten days following registration.

3. Upon completion of the registration process, students need to log on to the MyISU Portal to activate their Sycamore login. Students should contact the high school teacher for instructions for logging on to the portal. From the portal site, students can view their final grades and request official transcripts.

Note: Students who are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch are also eligible for a tuition fee waiver. The student's high school must provide documentation of the student's free/reduced lunch eligibility.

Tuition Payment

The College Challenge tuition rate of $25 per credit hour is due in full on the date specified on the student's bill. Late or partial payments will not be accepted. If the bill is not paid in full by the payment deadline indicated on the bill, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the College Challenge course.

Transcript Requests

Dual credit earned through the College Challenge Program is recorded on an official Indiana State University transcript. This transcript is part of the student's permanent record at ISU. Students who wish to use ISU credit at another institution must request an official transcript be sent to the intended college or university.

Frequently Asked Questions


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College Challenge Program
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Phone: (812) 237-2670
Fax: (812) 237-2525

High School Students & Parents:

Please contact your high school counselor for more information about College Challenge. High School Educators:

If you are a high school educator or administrator, please contact the College Challenge director for assistance:
Jill Blunk