Indiana State Technology Requirements

At Indiana State University, certain software and technology are required or recommended to help you complete course tasks and activities more efficiently. To facilitate your success, it’s critical that you adhere to the following minimal requirements from the onset of your course and check with your instructors for any additional course-related specifications.

You will need access to a basic computer set up that includes the following:

  • An operating system of Windows 7 or higher
  • A processor speed of 2.0GHz dual-core processor or higher
  • 4 GB memory
  • 120 GB hard drive or higher
  • Internet connection (DSL or cable is recommended)

You must have access to the following software and hardware:

Some courses may require the following (check with your instructor):

To complete Indiana State Online activities, you must have the following technology skills:

  • Using email with attachments.
  • Using Microsoft Office to draft and save documents.
  • Copying and pasting.
  • Downloading and installing software.
  • Perform basic internet search and navigation
  • Using Blackboard to access course materials, upload files, post to discussion boards and journals, and complete tests.

As an Indiana State Online student, you have full access to Technology Support Center at (812)-237-2910 in case you have any questions related to technology and Blackboard.

Free Software at Indiana State University

The Microsoft Campus Agreement Education for Enrollment Solutions (EES) is an annual licensing program designed specifically to address the unique needs of higher education institutions. Under the terms and conditions of this agreement, all ISU students are eligible to download and have access to commonly used Microsoft software, including anti-virus protection, operating system upgrades, and Office Suites for use on their own personal computer. These packages can be downloaded from Please read the information below before downloading any software.

Important Notes

  • If you withdraw from Indiana State University for any reason before graduation you must remove the software from your computer immediately.
  • Upon graduation, students are granted "perpetual use" rights for the current version of the licensed products.

Due to our licensing agreement with Microsoft, some packages including operating systems (Windows) and Office may only be downloaded when the semester classes are in session and the student is actively taking classes. The student is responsible for full compliance with all software license terms under this agreement.

Distance education students who live outside the Terre Haute city limits can request a physical copy be mailed to them if they are having trouble downloading a specific software package. Contact the Technology Support Center at (812)-237-2910 for more information.


Indiana State Online Students Residing Outside of Indiana: While Indiana State University endeavors to offer all of its programs to as wide an audience as possible, all ISU online programs may not be available in all states, U.S. territories, or Canadian Provinces. To check the status of programs available in a particular state, U.S. Territory, or Canadian Province, visit program availability.

Select Indiana State University online programs are open to U.S. military and State Department personnel and their family members with APO/FPO addresses. Check specific program availability in regard to programs which require clinical rotations.

All programs are closed to all students residing in any other jurisdictions.