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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect and how to prepare for State Orientation?

During this program, students will become familiar with the academic and campus life at Indiana State. You'll interact with your future classmates and current students, learn about important resources available to help you succeed and finalize your class schedule. All students are required to attend the entire orientation program and will not be allowed to leave the program early for any reason. We encourage you to plan ahead accordingly.

How to prepare:

For an In-person Program:

The best thing you can do is to complete all the steps listed on your checklist prior to State Orientation (complete your Math Placement, file your FAFSA, complete your Housing Contract). Along with that, checking your Sycamore email account on a daily basis is crucial, as that will be out primary form of communication with you (it's also the best way for you to contact us). To help you stay connected, we have an email setup guide  that can help you with putting your email on your phone so you don't miss a thing.


  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for your in-person State Orientation program. You will be walking a lot! Also prepare for any inclement weather (bring an umbrella, rain coat, etc). We also encourage you to bring a refillable water bottle to keep with you.
  • For our two-day State Orientation programs in June, students will be provided accommodations in one of our residence halls. Students should use the What to Bring to State Orientation list. Registered family members will also have the option to stay on campus in a separate residence hall at an additional cost or in a nearby hotel. Candlewood Suites and Hilton Garden Inn are both within walking distance of campus. Additional accommodation details (PDF).
  • Students are required to attend ALL sessions of their State Orientation program. Please plan accordingly
  • Be on Time - Please Note: Indiana State University is in the Eastern Time Zone. 

For a Virtual Program:

  • Find a Quiet & Comfortable Space - We have several sessions prepared for you, from finalizing your course schedule to meeting with other students. You'll want to sit at a desk or table in a comfortable seat and in a distraction-free environment where you can give your full attention to what's happening. Remember, this experience is just for you... your family is not invited to attend.
  • Login on a Laptop/Desktop Computer - You'll want to use a computer instead of a mobile device to participate in the sessions. You will be asked to share your screen when working with your academic advisor and utilize other features that are easier to accept from a computer. This computer should also have a working microphone and webcam.
  • Check your Internet Speed - Go to to ensure your speed is at least 1.5Mbps download and upload. If possible, connect via Ethernet cord to your home's router/modem. If you are concerned about your ability to access the internet, please contact us by emailing
  • Download Zoom - We will be using Zoom for a majority of our sessions together. Download it in advance and familiarize yourself with the options for a better experience.
  • Be on Time - Plan to be logged in and ready to go for the start of the program (check your email confirmation for date & time). Please note: Indiana State University is in the Eastern Time Zone.
  • Wear Comfortable Clothes - Dress comfortably as you will be doing some moderate activity with your group, but also dress appropriately to meet with an academic advisor. This is a great time to show off your State Stuff!
  • Have Water Bottle & Snacks on hand - You definitely want to stay hydrated without having to dash out of the room.
  • Zoom Background -  Want to look like you're on campus? Check out these awesome State backgrounds you can use for your Zoom meetings! (Here's a tutorial about setting up a virtual background.) 

If not already submitted, plan to have with you:

  • Official Final High School or College Transcripts (in a sealed envelope), Dual-Credit, and/or College Challenge Transcripts
  • Immunization Records (official, signed copies from doctor's office. Make copies of your records before coming to State Orientation.)
  • Financial Aid documents that still need to be submitted . Check your MyISU Portal for more information.


Where should I stay in Terre Haute?

There are two hotels that are easily accessed by a short walk from Indiana State's campus. These are also located in downtown, among some of the food and fun Terre Haute has to offer. When booking a room, be sure to mention you will be in town for orientation with Indiana State as some hotels will offer discounts. The two hotels nearest campus are:

If you are staying in Terre Haute for an evening, we encourage you to take some time and explore the area. Check with the Visitors Bureau for options on where to eat and visit.

When is State Orientation?

  • For students starting classes in January, your State Orientation date will be during December and January. You can register for a date starting in early October.
  • For students starting classes in May, June, and July, your State Orientation date will be in mid-May. You can register for a date starting on December 1st. This State Orientation program is a virtual program.
  • For students starting classes in August, your State Orientation date will be during June (first-year students) or July and August (transfer students). You can register for a date starting on December 1st.

You can view your specific dates by logging in to the orientation registration system to save your spot.

How do I reach out to my academic advisor or find out who they are?

You will meet with an academic advisor during your State Orientation program to confirm your class schedule. You will be assigned an academic advisor prior to the start of classes. You can find that information in your MyISU Portal.

I am worried that my internet will not allow me to participate in a virtual State Orientation.

  • You can test your internet speed by going to Speedtest.netZoom recommends an upload and download speed of at least 1.5 Mbps. Consider testing your ability to use Zoom by creating a free account and testing it with a friend. If you have concerns about your internet speed or access that could hinder your ability to participate in State Orientation, please email your concerns to
  • What if I don't have internet or it's a very unstable connection?
    • Several companies have stepped up and are offering upgraded internet packages for free or discounted rates. We encourage you to contact your provider to learn more about what that looks like for you specifically in your area.
    • Some communities have also offered free Wi-Fi spaces from the parking lots. Check with areas such as a local library or community center for what might be available.

When will I receive my student ID?

You will pick up your ID Card during your in-person State Orientation program. If you attend a virtual program plan on getting your student ID when you join us on campus at the start of the semester.


I'm currently a student and looking for help.

Then you've come to the right place! If you're looking for help in finding many of the resources at Indiana State University or help with becoming your best self in terms of your classwork, check out our Success at State page. If you don't see what you're looking for on that page, send us an email at

What if my question is not addressed above?

Please feel free to email us at with your question.