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Field Trips

Prior to taking any field trip, a Field Trip Report should be filed with the Department Chairperson by the faculty or staff member organizing the field trip.  The report should state where they are going, the number of students participating, the person in charge, the purpose of the trip, the departure date and time, and the anticipated time of return.  It is the Department Chairperson's responsibility to see that these reports are forwarded to Jolyn Osborne in the Office of Risk Management for insurance auditing purposes.

Field trips are covered under the University's Group Accident Policy.  This is an excess plan with a limit of $25,000 which is designed to cover only eligible expenses not reimbursed after the student's other insurer(s) has made payment.

Students and non-University personnel should have their own accident insurance.  Students who would like to purchase insurance should contact the UAP Clinic-ISU Health Center at extension 3883 for more information.  Faculty and staff are covered under Workers Compensation while performing duties related to the University.

Non-ISU students are not permitted to attend any ISU field trips.