Sky-High Future

"Unmanned systems are going to have a tremendous impact on logistical, transportation and health care systems. It will reduce the cost of moving small packages and products from one point to another." Bob English, dean of the Bailey College of Engineering and Technology at Indiana State.

State’s UMS program is not just about aviation. It's about rethinking how we will do business across all industries.

By 2025, Unmanned Systems will be a $82 billion industry with over 100,000 new jobs created.

UMS Pilot $85,000 - $115,000
Systems Engineer $72,350 - $127,000
Instructor/Training Specialist $74,500 - $93,000
Intel/Imagery Analyst $57,350 - $84,600
Maintenance Specialist $59,500 - $67,500
Sensor/Payload Operator $69,300 - $89,450
Manufacturing $45,700 - $67,890
Consultant $70,500 - $145,000

State is the first university in the Midwest to offer a Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Systems (land, air, and sea).

Here’s a look at hands-on experience you’ll receive in the UMS program at State:

  • Building small-wheeled or tracked vehicle
  • Flying small helicopters
  • Operating water based vehicles (including submarines)
  • Student competitions
  • UMS operation and maintenance
  • Research and development

Many other industries - including ones you can study while learning about unmanned systems - will realize the benefits of UMS technology.

  • Disaster assessment and first response
  • Logistics
  • Military
  • Geographical sciences
  • Criminology
  • Agriculture