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The graduate programs in Biology provides students with a strong background needed to pursue a career in college or university teaching and research, in government and industrial research, state wildlife agencies, or in many other related areas. Whereas at the undergraduate level, students are engaged in a broad, general program of study in biology, at the graduate level the program is specialized to fit the individual needs and plans of each student.

Specific objectives of the Biology Graduate Program are:

  • To provide the student with experience in directed research. Original research and the writing of the thesis or dissertation is considered by the members of the department to be the single most important requirement leading to the M.S. or Ph.D. degree.
  • To provide the student with specialized or in-depth training in their chosen areas--cell and molecular biology, physiology, or ecology and organismal biology.
  • To provide the student with experience in teaching at the college level, experience in grant application writing and in research presentations (seminars and posters).


Biology with Thesis (M.S.)

Biology without Thesis (M.S.)

Biology: Ecology (Ph.D.)

Biology: Microbiology (Ph.D.)

Biology: Physiology (Ph.D.)

Genomic Advocacy (Graduate Certificate)

Accelerated 4+1 Master's Degree


Admission and degree requirements

Admission Procedures and Standards

Biology application forms

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